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As you probably already know if you've stopped into one of the Amoeba Music stores recently or perhaps you discovered from reading elsewhere on this website, the Euro musical tour de force duo of Italian classical pianist Alessandra Celletti and Hans-Joachim Roedelius (of the electronic/experimental group Cluster) will be coming to America next month to do three select exclusive US performances in the cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York. And as you probably also know by now, advance tickets for both the LA and SF shows are available exclusively at the three Amoeba Music locations, and are reasonably priced too, at just $20 a ticket (plus a $2 service fcellettiee). The Bay Area concert takes place December 3rd at San Francisco’s Theatre 39 -- Pier 39 at Fisherman’s Wharf, and the SoCal concert is on December 5th at Zipper Hall in downtown Los Angeles (200 S. Grand Ave next to MOCA). The final concert takes place on Saturday, December 12th at Saint Peter's Church, at the corner of Lexington Avenue and 54th Street in NYC. Other Music is selling tix for that show.

Above is an Italian TV news report from earlier this year on the musical pair with an excerpt from a performance from last year's Primitivo Festival. And below is a clip of Celletti solo interpreting Philip Glass' Metamorphosis in concert last year. Also below is the video for the song "100 Dreams" from Way Out which again showcases Celletti's vocal talents. And immediately below that is the Amoeblog interview with Celletti in which she talks about her inspiration, her music being adapted for film soundtracks, her new hardcover book/DVD set that is being released in tandem with the U.S. concerts, and the colors that will be brought to life at next month's anticipated US concert dates.

Amoeblog: What was the main thing that attracted you to Erik Satie?
Alessandra Celletti
Alessandra Celletti: Erik Satie is my first musical love. His music is at the same time so simple and deep. I really love the purity of his style and the modernity of all his compositions and especially the Gymnopédies and Gnossiennes.

Amoeblog: You had a commercial hit with Esotérik Satie. How did that success and the attention it generated effect you as an artist?

Alessandra Celletti:
Yes, Esotérik Satie had a great success, especially in France and this CD received many fantastic reviews. Of course I’m happy because as I just said Satie is my favourite composer and so I felt that the people understood me and my interpretation.

Amoeblog: Your music has been used by Guy Ritchie in his movie Revolver. Before this, did you think of your recordings as ever being possible movie soundtrack material?

Celletti: I always hoped so. The compositions that I prefer are usually very imaginative. The music of Satie is perfect to illustrate images and describe emotions, but I think that my music has the same evocative quality. And in fact, my compositions are used in two independent films: My Mother’s Fairy Tales by Paola Romagnani and Elan Vital by Jason Loya.

Amoeblog: How different is it to record and release your own compositions compared to those of others?

Alessandra Celletti:
I played the piano from when I was child and I always played classical music. Now I play only the music of composers that I feel in my heart, so it’s not so different. But when I compose my own compositions there is a magic moment; something that is born through me.

Amoeblog: If you were to list your top favorite artists who would they be?

Alessandra Celletti:
I like all kinds of music, so I don’t like to establish a musical hierarchy. So maybe my list of favourite artists can appear eccentric because I put J.S. Bach and David Bowie, Brahms and Nick Cave, Galuppi and Philip Glass, Satie, Ravel, and of course Hans-Joachim Roedelius.
Amoeblog: Speaking of whom, how did the collaboration with Roedelius initially come about?

Alessandra Celletti:
I met Hans-Joachim Roedelius about two years ago thanks to MySpace. He invited me to play at a fantastic festival in Lunz (Austria), on a magic lake. We met there in person for the first time.

Amoeblog: What do you admire about Roedelius as an artist and what do you think makes your musical collaboration with Roedelius work so well?

Alessandra Celletti:
I admire his purity and poetry, his enthusiasm and curiosity, his humour and sweetness…I think that we have a big artistic and spiritual affinity and it’s the reason of our collaboration.

Amoeblog: What can we expect at next month's three US concerts?

Alessandra Celletti:
A trip into the colors, from azure to rose, through orange, magenta, turquoise, black and white. We think that the sounds are also colours and we love to share all shades…

Anything to add?  

Alessandra Celletti:
Sure! I would like to thank Michael Sheppard of Transparency that produced my new CDs Alessandra Celletti plays Baldassarre Galuppi and Sustanza di Cose Sperata, for a fantastic book about me (Paraphernalia) with a DVD and for this great opportunity to play in the USA. I can’t wait. And I would like to thank you for this nice interview!

Tomorow an Amoeblog interview with Roedelius will be published here. Note that for the upcoming US concert series Alessandra will play a solo piano set of her own and other composers' works and will sing two songs with video projection. After an intermission Alessandra and Roedelius will perform "Sustanza" with piano and electronics with sung and spoken vocals in English, German and Corsican. And after each concert there will be a reception and book/DVD signing of Alessandra Celletti Paraphernalia.

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