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In Between

This is the debut full-length album from Germany's Marek Hemmann, as well as the first CD long-player from the house of Freude-Am-Tanzen. Hemmann has long been one-half of the duo Hemmann & Kaden, who for years have been the pillars of the new house & techno scene, both as producers and as a live act. Hemmann has also been responsible for innumerable remixes, from Dirt Novitzky to Chopstick & Johnjon to Dusty Kid. In Between is pure technoid material in an eclectic house-world, which offers a new discovery at every turn. From classic deep-droning dub epos over frizzy house with shots of bossa nova and demanding horn-action, up to highly complex sample tone-art, this is a long, rewarding trip through techno-land. With a round of wholly comprehensive melancholy and hypnotic bass lines, the tracks bathe you in a type of beauty that will come over you like a sunrise.

Simply Devotion

Like hardly any other contemporary DJ, Berlin-based Catherine Britton, aka Cassy, is living at the interfaces between reduction and soul, jazzy deep house and geometrically-structured techno. In Berlin, she quickly gained a residency at the Panorama Bar, worked as a producer with such renowned musicians as Ricardo Villalobos, Luciano, Mathew Jonson and Swayzak, and has released her music on labels such as Perlon and Ostgut Ton as well as on her own imprint, Cassy. Simply Devotion is Cassy's second mix CD after the highly-acclaimed Panorama Bar 01 (OSTGUT 002CD) compilation, and it is proof of her love for deep house of a different kind, which has -- despite occasional flashes of soul vocals -- nothing to do with garage house. With unhurried charm and a secure sense of the seductive power of house music, Cassy enchants us with more than 70 minutes of sensual sound hypnosis and she starts with an exclamation mark: together with his Ifach buddy Ian Loveday, aka Minimal Man, Baby Ford beguiles the listener with mantra house with hints of Italo-pop. Anton Zaprecalls, with his purified form of percussive dub house, the best days of Chez Damier, and Danny Howells makes you speechless with "September," a breathtaking stringed furioso in the best tradition of Detroit trance, remixed by Future Beat Alliance. Cassy's own unreleased track, "Magnificent Cat Won't Do," is powered by the kind of electrically-charged minimal dub soul that is so typical for her. The final track comes from Miami's house institution and Murk legend Ralph Falcon, with his house mix of "Whateva," which sits somewhere in between R'n'B vocals and acid reminiscences. Other artists include: Trus'me, Jitterbug, DJ Qu, Kai Alce, Azulu Phantom, STL, Taho, Quince, Kassem Mosse, Linkwood, Inland Knights, Kezym, Pierre LX, and Alan T and Alex K.


This is the second full-length album by Dave Huismans, aka 2562, the follow-up to his roundly acclaimed debut, Aerial (TEC 004CD/021LP). Unbalance pushes both his creative talents and the boundaries of dubstep to another level entirely. This is an exceptional body of electronic music, and it fully demonstrates 2562's adept ability to move through engaging soundscapes with both pin-point precision drum programming and innovative sample regeneration. 2562 is named after the postcode in The Hague, Netherlands, where Huismans lives -- a city detached from the main epicenters of dubstep, thus bringing both cultural distance and a uniquely diverse sound to the project. Unbalance sees 2562's vision of dubstep moving forward into previously-unexplored areas. Warmer than its predecessor, innovation and experimentation is still as evident as ever, as the influence of Theo Parrish and Flying Lotus meet with the deep end of Bristol bass music. With productions drawing inspiration from garage, dubstep, house, techno and broken beats -- affiliations and collaborations have proliferated -- killer remixes and one-offs have cemented the Dutchman firmly in the "A" list of contemporary production talent. Unbalance is impeccably built, and accessibly disposed: sheer dancefloor carnage is guaranteed. With this new album, 2562 breaks new ground -- in moving away from the dub-techno associations of his earlier works, he creates a whole new world. From the outset, "Intro" and "Flashback" let fly some of the face cards in Huismans' deck -- the ample swell of swung garage informed by a new school sensibility, all grounded by that trademark giant bass presence. "Lost" reprises a familiar broken refrain in refixed mode, landing with a delightful low-end, almost junglist descent and a huge, mid-range melodic sustain -- absolutely killer stuff. With "Like A Dream," the album really motors -- squashed Mr. Fingers-style acid machinations inside wild bass and drum swing. Tear up the dub instructions, the diversity and breathtaking momentum of this fine album moves fleet of foot -- like Usain Bolt over Berlin.

fuck pony let the love flow
Let The Love Flow

This is the second full-length release by Berlin-based American Jay Haze under his Fuckpony alias. Haze is an exceptionally-gifted composer as well as the owner and head of countless labels, projects, and pseudonyms. As a result, hardly anyone knows the legacy of American-style house like Mr. Haze does -- but despite a sense of tradition, his intention was never just to reproduce a well-known sound. With futurism as a conceptual basis, Chicago as grammar, and pop as an abstract embellishment, through the diversity of his projects, he constantly crosses boundaries. The title track features angular, sharp-edged pop you could light a match with, while others illuminate like the lightning of a Saturday night and the pale daylight of a Sunday morning. This album also features emotional house tracks with plenty of kicks and super-tight bass drums, almost sounding as if Haze has discovered his feminine side on BPitch. You could call it house with heart -- an entire album without loops, and samples made from scratch. The horns, the drums, and of course, the dominating piano -- all sustain the Fuckpony vibe, with a gentler re-orientation. Let The Love Flow features vocals by Laila Tov and Chela Simone, who indulge in some genre-breaking soul moments that instantly make your arm-hairs stand on end. Let The Love Flow is a self-contained album with powerful, melodic arches and a great, dramatic understatement of house for ravers in love and for raved-out lovers who are still going, long after peak-time.

Hello From Planet Earth
Moon Harbour

This is the debut full-length release from Berlin's Luna City Express. For 10 years now, Norman Weber and Marco Resmann have been living out their love for house together both at the turntables and in the studio as Luna City Express. At 14, Weber heard his first Chicago house mix on tape -- a musical revelation and the beginning of his subsequent career. Resmann discovered electronic music in the early '90s in a friend's basement studio where he first started delving into drum machines and synthesizers. In 1999 he set up his Audiogain studio and established himself as a producer, producing as a solo artist under the pseudonym Phage and also in projects like Pan/Pot or Phage & Daniel Dreier, releasing on labels like Mobilee, Klang Elektronik and Highgrade. In 2007, he founded the label Upon You with Marcus Meinhardt and Hawks Grunert. At a millennium party in Italy, Norman and Marco crossed paths for the first time and clicked immediately -- two house nerds had found each other. When Norman moved from Jena to Berlin, they began to play as a DJ team, organizing their own parties and producing their first tracks together, a mixture of downbeat, trip-hop and deep house. Beside remixes and releasing on labels like Justified Cause and Enliven Music, Moon Harbour has truly become the home of Luna City Express, and at the same time, they've played an essential part in developing the label's sound. Hello From Planet Earth brings together 13 outstanding tracks -- from techno to experimental, going from euphoric to quiet moments. It's an eclectic album that isn't just for the club, all held together by the unique Luna City Express house vibe.

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