Classical Music Sale: Overture

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It's the, uh, instrument they're focused on. Yeah.

New Amoeba Music customers sometimes ask if/when we have any sales. My patent answer is usually something along the lines of:

“Not officially, because we’re constantly lowering prices on our entire selection.”

…Unless, of course, the customer is holding a ferret and that ferret is looking like he might wanna sneak into my ear-hole and munch my juicy brains, in which case I will modify my answer to:

“Not officially, because we’re constantly calling the police to report illegal pets such as ferrets.”

This may seem like a very niche circumstance to you, dear reader. All I can say is that, until you work at a record store for over eight years like me, you shouldn’t assume the regularity of near-lethal ferret activity. Especially if you’re working the folk music section.

They mostly eat the eyes of our innocent young.

The above being mostly factual, it is something of a special event that Amoeba Music Hollywood has announced an upcoming sale.

November 14 and 15 (or, if you’re British: 14 and 15 November) we will be hosting our first ever Classical Music Sale. All music (tapes, CD's, vinyl, 8-track, etc.) from our Classical Music section will be 20% off for these two days only. What is perhaps most exciting (or dangerous, depending on how much of your rent check you end up spending) is that this sale will include wall-items.

What’s a “wall-item”? They are the choice and glorious pieces of vinyl that line the walls of Amoeba, showcased like the fine works of art they are. And they will be much cheaper than they’re worth.

All of this is, in part, inspired by the new wave of local interest in Classical Music spawned by the arrival of superstar conductor Gustavo Dudamel to the post of Music Director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic. They’re calling it “Dudamel Fever” and frankly, I don’t think the government is prepared with enough vaccine to inoculate it.

In the coming blogs from yours truly, I plan on exploring some Classical Music that I cherish, and I fully intend to manipulate you into loving it as well. You’re welcome.

So stay tuned, mark your calendars, and get ready as I beef up your confidence so that you can finally brave the vast Classical Music section at Amoeba Music Hollywood with poise and curiosity. Before you know it, you’ll be dazzling people at cocktail parties with pithy antidotes about your favorite Baroque oboe sonata. Rad.

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