Halloween Madness at Amoeba Hollywood!!!

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Folks dressed up all freaky... devil music on the sound system... zombies and skeletons dancing onstage... was it Halloween or just another normal day at Amoeba Hollywood? The distinction is not always crystal clear in the 90028. But if you peruse these photos, you will discover that yes, it was definitely the most haunted day of the year! A day when tombs open and spirits arise, and all manner of ghoulies and beasties come forth looking for out-of-print CDs and groovy dollar records and classic horror movies on Blu-Ray... the lurking madness of Halloween at Amoeba!

We kicked things off with a little Misfits on the stereo (endorsing the patronage of Glenn Danzig, loyal Amoeba shopper) and the costumed Amoebites began arriving in full-on freak regalia! Scott showed up to staff the hip-hop section in the grey beard and American flag headband of the typical Vietnam veteran acid burnout, and got to work upstocking the J. Dilla section while mumbling something about Charlie and the Da Nang Bridge. Edythe and Saffron were resplendent as an old-time groom and bride, Jamie rocked a fabulous handmade Indian squaw shabooz and Annie made the scene in slinky Panther Pink.  There was a sexy vestigial midget nerd (best description I can muster), a purple cosmic space witch, a putrefied but spirited zombie cheerleader, a fearsome Lucha Libre wrestler, and a va-voom Poison Ivy impersonator (the Cramps guitarette of course, not the Batman villain).  Things got really wild & crazy when Kris and Javi showed up as Weekend At Bernie's, in board shorts and Hawaiian shirts with a very authentic-looking Bernie corpse. Melody's outfit was typically mind-blowing, a black vinyl recreation of Klaus Nomi! Juan was regal in Roman toga and Chuck Taylors, Scott was futuristic in a baby-blue flannel onesie as a Twitter post. And Melissa was magical as an alluring marionette. Not one but two serial killers stalked the mezzanine, Travis as Leatherface and Matt as Dinky Doodles, the smiley slasher.  Joel further indulged his aeronautics obsession as the black box from the Air France plane crash, complete with French moustache and attitude. Did I miss anyone? I'm sure I did, but hopefully the pictures got 'em all.  My own disguise was a bit tricky to identify but it was meant to be Peter Gabriel's sci-fi look on the cover of Genesis Live, as the Watcher of the Skies. (Or perhaps Xenu, the god of Scientology, as someone suggested.) Lucas improved on the general idea when he put it on and went around muttering to the staff his dead-on impression of my voice, doubling the horror and really freaking some folks out!

Instead of our usual costume contest (too busy to make it work on a Saturday), we had some Halloween festivities in the afternoon... Paul Vasquez, Battlestar Galactica Commander took to the turntables as DJ Stingray and spun treats from his incredible collection of spooky songs and foreign-language covers of '60s and '70s pop hits -- your favorite songs in disguise, as he put it. Next up was DJ Dirty Robot, aka Raff, who threw down a scarifying selection of goth and new wave dancefloor killers! As the sun sank towards the horizon, we were paid a very special visit from the Bob Baker Marionette Theater touring company, who performed a couple of absolutely amazing selections from their Halloween Spooktacular extravaganza! A parade of dancing skeletons twirled and boogied to "Hernando's Hideaway," and a witch & monster revue taught the kids in the audience a song about a happy Halloween. Totally amazing work by some master puppeteers and some incredible vintage puppets! The soundtrack was on cassette tape, for cryin' out loud! It doesn't get any more authentic than that. The assembled multitude oohed, aahed and wondered. If you ever get a chance to go, the Bob Baker Marionette Theater down on Glendale is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for kids of all ages, all year round!

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in your coffin, who should moonwalk through the door but a knife-wielding gang of Thriller-dancing zombies! Tuna & company discoed through the aisles and burst onstage for a coordinated dance spectacular to a medley of Michael Jackson faves. As always, the moves were slick and the jams were explosive!  Klaus Nomi even jumped up there and got zombified, and let me tell you, your life has not begun until you've seen Klaus Nomi dance the Thriller. It's just not something you see every single day. The Thriller ghouls boogied off to the LA public transit system to take their Thriller flash mob to more locations around town, but this one had to be their best! You never know when those zombies are gonna come out and start dancing...

From there on out it was just Amoebites dodging Juggalos and silly string as we ran out the clock until party time. As usual at Amoeba Halloween time, we partied all day and we partied all night too. Don't miss it next year... get yer freaky costume and join us for one of our favorite holidays! Show up for Mardi Gras at Amoeba if a year is too long to wait! We'll see you there!

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