Amoeba Hollywood's World Music Charts For Oct 2009 (So Far)

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1. Poncho Sanchez-Psychedelic Blues
2. Rodrigo Y Gabriela-11:11
3. Nelly Furtado-Mi Plan
4. Bebel Gilberto-All In One
5. Gustavo Cerati-Fuerza Natural
6. Mercedes Sosa-Cantora
7. V/A-Mata La Pena
8. Mahssa-Oyun Havasi Vol.1
9. Aventura-Last
10. V/A-
Panama! 2

Poncho Sanchez tops the September chart, in part due to another successful in-store performance on Sunday. Poncho’s latest release, Psychedelic Blues, may not truly “psychedelic,” but then again, neither was The Lebron Brothers' classic album Psychedelic Goes Latin, or, for that matter, Ray Barretto’s Acid. What these three releases have in common is the marriage of soul music and Latin music, which many Latinos growing up in the U.S. during the sixties were influenced by. Psychedelic Blues contains a Willie Bobo medley, a version of Herbie Hancock’s “Cantaloupe Island” and Freddie Hubbard's "Crisis."

Rodrigo Y Gabrielas 11:11 keeps on moving and will probably be on of our year's best sellers, while Nelly Furtado’s first all Spanish release, Mi Plan comes in third. Nelly has a few collaborations on this disc with Julieta Venegas, who is scheduled to have a new album out some time next year. Bebel Gilberto latest release, All In One, lands at number four. I got to hear a few of the songs during her recent show at the Hollywood Bowl with Seu Jorge. I have to admit I’m not the hugest fan of Bebel, but I really enjoyed her short and sweet (and trampy) set that night.

Fuerza Natural is Gustavo Cerati's first solo album in almost four years. During that time he reunited with his former band, the legendary Argentine rock trio Soda Stereo, for a worldwide tour. Perhaps the energy of the tour was funneled into Fuerza, as the album reminds me more of earlier Soda Stereo days than some of his previous solo releases. At number six is Cantora by Mercedes Sosa, released a week before her passing. I have to say I never enjoy seeing an artist’s sales increase due to death, but in this case, I hope people who are new to Mercedes Sosa’s music will enjoy what many in Latin America have been inspired by for years.

Mata La Pena (number seven on the chart) is another in the series of LPs by Mississippi Records, which releases rare World Music 78's on one LP For your enjoyment. Mahssa's collection of Psychedelic Middle Eastern music, Oyun Havasi Vol.1 returns to the chart at number eight. Speaking of LP’s and Psychedelic Middle Eastern music, we have some great new vinyl releases that have arrived over the last month. Among the new vinyl release are LPs by Turkish rocker Baris Manco (looking very Derek Smalls-like on the cover), the African Pearls Electric Mali 70 compilation, Serge Gainsbourg's classic Historie De Melody Nelson, (back in stock) the Legend of Benin compilation and lastly, the return of Sistema Local’s Cumbia Mash-ups. Sistema Local was a collaboration between King Ruly (now known as Chico Sonido) and Toy Selectah. It was the first official Electro-Cumbia release, a few years before ZZK and Bersa started releasing their mixes. It was a limited release (only 300 pressed) and we managed to get a few in the store. If you heard the classic “Cumbia From The Bronx,” this is where it came from.

Coming up, watch out for that She Wolf! Shakira is coming and so is the the new Tinariwen! Ahhhoooowwww!!!!



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