The Slingshot & Other Bathing Beauties

Posted by Mr. Chadwick, September 19, 2009 07:50pm | Post a Comment
michael henderson slingshotsergio perez michelle

We're having another hot weekend in L.A., so a batch of swimsuit covers seems appropriate.

anette at bikini beachannette muscle beach partyearl bostic dance to the best of bosticmercury spin girl for february lp coverdisco mambo con rulli rendo
hot hits 20 lp cover
frank chacksfield love letters in the sandmusic to listen to barney kessel by lp coverdon raleigh oaklahoma and merry widow lp
livio salles rendezvous in rio sandy reyes16 exitos de la sonora dinamita vol. 3

Although we can't see Sandy's lower half, I'm pretty sure he's ready for a swim. The Mercury Spin-Girl series is awesome and I think that I'm going to track them all down. Maybe I'll be able to find some suffering from the Mercury ghosting effect that I covered last summer in a previous blog.

tony motolla the tony touchmercury spin girl for march - april

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