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Trailer for The Beatles: Rock Band (2009)

Everyone loves The Beatles and if there is still someone unmoved by the Fab Four, he or she soon will be once they get their hands on The Beatles: Rock Band video game, which is being released exactly a week from today on the easy to remember date of 9/9/09. That date also happens to be the same day that the much anticipated remastered Beatles catalog on CD The Beatles Rock Bandarrives in Amoeba Music. Not only will gamers of all ages take to this game, especially those who are already fans of Rock Band or Guitar Hero, but most likely people who have never played a video game in their lives will start now with The Beatles: Rock Band.

The game comes complete with 45 instantly recognizable Beatles songs, including "Get Back," "Day Tripper," "I Want To Hold Your Hand," and "Back in the USSR." The game's scenes and settings include playing in the Cavern Club and at Shea Stadium! This game will convert young kids to the music of the Beatles and older Beatles fans to the world of gaming; overall, even further broadening the fanbase of the Fab Four. 

The Beatles: Rock Band
is being released by MTV Games (the reason MTV's Viacom sister station VH1 recently did a huge promotion, playing back each song on the game as a music video) and is manufactured for play on PlayStation 3, Wii and Xbox 360 consoles. Gamers already familiar with the previous Rock Band games will adjust to this instantly, but even those who have never played before shouldn't take too long to warm up to its mechanics. Up to six players can participate in The Beatles: Rock Band, with four players being the ideal number. One plays guitar, one plays bass, one plays the electronic drum kit, and one sings into a microphone.

The Beatles and their music look set to repeat the sweeping success and subsequent mania of their legendary 1964 appearance on The Ed Sullivan Show in a digital way with both The Beatles: Rock Band and their remastered catalog being simultaneously released next week! Below, the two surviving members of the Fab Four -- Paul and Ringo -- give their very brief review of the new game at Microsoft's E3 presentation in Los Angeles earlier this summer. Below that is a demo of the game at the same LA convention. Finally, below that (for a taste of the original Beatles invasion) is a clip of The Beatles performing (between screaming girls) "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" live on The Ed Sullivan Show in Feb 1964.

More info about the reissues coming out next week right here! And more posts all about The Beatles here!

Paul and Ringo at Microsoft's E3 presentation in Los Angeles (2009)

The Beatles: Rock Band demo at Microsoft's E3 presentation in Los Angeles (2009)

The Beatles "I Want To Hold Your Hand" (live on The Ed Sullivan Show, Feb 1964)

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