Amoeba Hollywood World Music Charts For August

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Amoeba Hollywood World Music Top Ten
For The Week Of August 24-31st

1. V/A-Sound Of Wonder!
2. Chico Sonido-S/T
3. V/A- Black Rio Vol. 2
4. Bebe-Y.
5. Lila Downs-La Cantina
6. Natalia Lafourcade-Hu Hu Hu
7. Los Amigos Invisible-Commercial
8. Merche-Cal Y Arena
9. V/A-Panama Vol.2
10. Serge Gainsbourg- Initials SG-Best Of Serge Gainsbourg

The Sound of Wonder compilation just edged out Chico Sonido’s self-titled release to take the top spot of the week. At number five was Lila DownsLa Cantina, a release that dates back to 2006. Why, you ask? Perhaps because Lila landed in the hospital last week with a case of appendicitis and had to cancel all her shows in California, including a free show at The Santa Monica Pier last Thursday. I’m guessing that people came to Amoeba to get their Lila fix. To Lila, we wish a speedy recovery and we look forward to her next show at The Hollywood Forever Cemetery on October 24th for the Dia De Los Muertos Festival.

At number six is Natalia Lafourcade's latest, Hu Hu Hu. Released in Mexico in May (and yes, of course, not domestically) this is Natalia’s best release to date. Her songwriting has matured yet still retaines that youthful edge, especially lyrically. Much like Juan Son’s Mermaid Sashimi, Natalia’s release also reveals that she is a recent graduate of The Brian Wilson School of Songwriting, sans Juan Son’s flair for the dramatic. Despite obvious influences, Natalia still marches to the beat of her own drum. I can see a whole new generation of Latin American singer/songwriters using Hu Hu Hu as a template for their future work, much like they did with her past releases.

Let’s look into what was hot in August in Amoeba Hollywood World Music section, besides the weather…and fires!

Amoeba Hollywood World Music Top Ten For The Month Of August

1. V/A-Sound Of Wonder!
2. V/A- Black Rio Vol. 2
3. Chico Sonido-S/T
4. V/A-Legends Of Benin     
5. V/A- A String of Pearls: Jewels of the 78 RPM Era 1918-1951
7. Oumou Sangare-Seya
8. Bebe-Y.
9. V/A-Panama Vol.2
10. Mulatu Astatke/Heliocentrics-Inspiration Information

Five of the top World Music sellers are compilations. At number five was a vinyl only release: A String of Pearls: Jewels of the 78 RPM Era 1918-1951. Compiled by Ian Nagoski, who also compiled the Black Mirror CD on the Dust To Digital label, it is a collection of World Music 78’s featuring Native American, Caribbean, Indian and Jewish recordings from a bygone era. It’s the next phase in beard-centric hipsterdom! From the Victrola Favourites release to Black Mirror to The Honest Jon series of 78 recordings, the trend continues of looking to the past for inspiration today…and of course, strictly on vinyl.

I’m not trying to dismiss the recordings of the past, for they truly posses much soul. But I see a trend of people are willing to celebrate a culture’s past yet completely ignore what that same culture contributes today, mostly without any regard or exploration of the genre. I only wonder if the same people who think that way are the same type of people who might have dismissed those 78’s when they first came out?

Who really knows... perhaps in 2020, if we are all still alive, the new hipsters will break out the Soca and Reggaeton compilations and “discover” their true soul? Of course, only if it is on limited edition vinyl with liner notes by some music ethnologist from England.

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