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Paramount Theater
Once again, this weekend in the Bay Area there is a lot of really great, fun stuff happening; much of it is either quite affordable for any size wallet or else totally free, as in the case of the three recommended Bay Area Amoeba Music always-free instores this weekend, including the DJ Quest & the Horizons Unlimited/DJ Project showcase later tonight in SF and the two Jay Reatard instores at both Bay Amoeba locations, tomorrow and Sunday. 6pm is the start time for all Amoeba shows this weekend.

The historic Paramount Theater on Broadway near 20th in downtown Oakland is the finest preserved art deco building in California, and tonight (Friday, August 21) there will be a screening of the Alfred Hitchcock classic Rear Window. The film is a masterpiece, deserving of being fully appreciated on the big screen. The film tells the tale of wheelchair-bound photographer Jeff Jeffries' (James Stewart) peeking through binoculars into the windows of his Greenwich Village apartment neighbors while his girlfriend, Lisa Fremont, played by Grace Kelly, isn't so sure he should be spying. But then Jeff witnesses a murder -- or has he?

The Hitchcock film is a part of the ongoing but sporadic, budget priced Paramount Movie Classics series. I attended the last one in early July, a screening of the 3D horror flick Creature From The Black Lagoon, and it was so much fun -- especially when you go with a large group of people. Not to mention there's a mere $5 (cash only) entrance fee that includes the live Wurltizer organ serenade plus a raffle with a chance to win free prizes. Plus, there's the classic movie previews and historic newsreels. The turnout for that screening was so large that by about 7:50pm the theater had reached capacity and people were being turned away at the door, so get there with time to spare, especially if you are driving, since parking is scarce. Cycle or take BART to the 19th/Broadway stop one block away. Ticket box opens at 6pm. Doors open at 7pm. More info here.

Luis @ Amoeba SF runs down the free instores this weekend

Jay Reatard set list
On Tuesday this week, August 18th -- the same day he released his much anticipated Matador debut Watch Me Fall -- Jay Reatard played his first of three Ameoba free instore concerts at the Hollywood Amoeba store.

Thanks to the SAP Music blog, courtesy of Spence, for the pic of Jay's set list (right) from that free show. It should give you an idea as to what the artist and his band might play at the San Francisco and Berkeley Amoeba Music stores on Saturday and Sunday respectively this weekend.

I say "might" play because Jay Reatard does things his way and is not the type to be tied down to any rigid rules or lists of songs previously agreed upon with his bandmates. Nor is he ever afraid of speaking his mind, as shown in Brooklyn Vegan last month in a piece about Reatard's "Brooklyn sucks" Twitter rant, or in his F-bomb tirade at Amoeba Hollywood this week as outlined in the review by Spence on his blog two days ago. But hey, this is rock and roll, and it ain't meant to be polite or predictable! So get thee to Amoeba this weekend. Be prepared. It's gonna be unpredictable rock n roll fun!

Tonight's free instore at Amoeba Music San Francisco will showcase some really young turntable talent from San Francisco's Horizons Unlimited/DJ Project and DJ Quest's School of DJ Arts Youth DJs. A part of the ongoing Amoeba Music Mandala DJ Series, tonight's showcase will feature a six turntable set up with some of the youngest SF area DJs mixing, cutting up, scratching, and beat juggling. All this under the watchful eye of one of San Francisco's greatest veteran turntable artists -- DJ Quest of Bulletproof Scratch Hamsters/Space Travelers/Live Human & solo fame, who has graced the Amoeba Music San Francisco stage several times already over the years.

The San Francisco Mime Troupe continues its Bay Area parks tour of the summer with their latest political comedy musical production, Too Big To Fail, with two shows this weekend in Berkeley. A few weeks ago I attended the Bay Area company's current production at Frances Willard/Ho Chi Minh Park in Berkeley and of the ten or so productions by the SF Mime Troupe over the years that I have attended, I enjoyed this one the most. It's excellent! I particularly loved how it entertainingly delivered such a tragic yet very real message -- that most of us are in servitude to large corporations, namely banks, who, despite how much they profit off the suffering of struggling working folk who are just trying to better their families, think that they are "too big to fail" and always seem to come out on top.

The SF Mime Troupe is back in Berkeley this weekend with shows tomorrow and Sunday at Live Oak Park at Shattuck Ave. & Berryman St., Berkeley. Showtime each day is 1:30pm music starts, with the play beginning at 2pm. Free, but donations gladly accepted by this fine Bay Area institution who are celebrating 50 years this summer. More info here.

If touring the Inner Richmond district of San Francisco and drinking beer (or harder booze) is your thing, then you might want to join tomorrow's Clement Street Inner Richmond Pub Crawl which starts at 4pm and ends up at 8pm with stops along the way including at Dirty Trix, Rockit Room, Plough and Stars, 540 Club, Irelands 32, Abbey Tavern, and many (hiccup) more. The event starts at 4pm and tickets are $6. More info here.

This weekend the San Francisco Zine Fest is happening, with 100+ small press publishers (including lots of underground DIY folks) showcasing their work, plus panel discussions and classes. It's a free event and it is happening tomorrow and Sunday at the SF County Fair Building, Ninth Ave. @ Lincoln, 11am to 6pm each day. More info here.

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