Dais Records Unearths COUM Transmissions

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Bicoastal boutique label Dais Records --founded in 2007 by Gibby Miller in L.A. and Ryan Martin in Brooklyn -- has, in its brief history, quickly amassed (with no signs of stopping) an impressive back-catalog of instantly classic releases by artists on the obscure and dark end of the spectrum. The label’s roster of quality limited vinyl pressings includes albums by Cult of Youth and Tor Lundvall as well as the sought-after Cold Cave 12”, The Trees Grew Emotions and Died.  The label has also developed a trusted working relationship with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge which has resulted in the vinyl release of Psychic TV’s recent full-length, Mr. Alien Brain vs. The Skinwalkers, and a haunting, previously unreleased 1968(!) archival recording from P-Orridge entitled Early Worm (now out of print).  

A third upcoming team-up between P-Orridge and Dais is another archival release, entitled The Sound of Porridge Bubbling by the infamous COUM Transmissions. Its release will mark the first time most will hear COUM Transmissions, a transgressive performance art collective and band founded, in part, by P-Orridge in 1967 (whose detailed story can be read in a 1999 illustrated biiography entitled Wreckers of Civilisation by Simon Ford). By the time Sound was recorded in 1971 its members also included Cosey Fanni-Tutti and, by 1976, eventually evolved into the seminal and forever holy/unholy Throbbing Gristle.
The recordings went unreleased until now due to the rapid activity of the collective pushing them off as a priority.  However, now that the seal on the vault has been cracked, further COUM archive releases via Dais are also in the works .

The Sound of Porridge Bubbling (complete with  liner notes by Genesis!) will be available very soon from Amoeba Hollywood. The Hollywood store has secured several copies of this already sold-out and landmark release and will have them on hand as soon as the label gets them from the plant!
Other Current Dais Records Releases In Stock, Amoeba Hollywood:

Tor Lundvall - Sleeping and Hiding
Dreamy bliss in the vein of Talk Talk’s later stuff and Slowdive’s Pygmalion.

Awen - The Bells Before Dawn
American Dark Ambient/Neofolk.

Psychic TV - Mr. Alien Brain vs. The Skinwalkers
Excellent 2008 return of Genesis P-Orridge and company.

Cult of Youth - A Stick to Bind, A Seed To Grow
One of the ten essential dark music releases of 2008!


Amoeba Hollywood’s Goth/Industrial Section Featured New Releases Week of 8/11:

Sprung Aus Den Wolken -
Dub & Die plus CD [Klanggalerie]
Originally released in 1981 as an untitled mini album, this was the first release by the German Avant-garde/Industrial/Post-Puink group that was once a member of the "Geniale Dilettanten" movement. Like a more structured early Einstürzende Neubauten. Expanded deluxe release with a set of bonus tracks.

Les Paradisiers – More Tales From The Garden
LP + Digital Download [Disques de Lapin]
Thomas Nola
and O Paradis collaboration! Dark, uneasy and psychedelic trips through the duo’s exotic and anachronous universe, where humid locales not only house jungle birds and cats, but also early 20th Century European speakeasies hosting American Vaudeville and Spanish Cabaret acts with 1980’s Goth sensibilities.

In Next Week, Amoeba Hollywood:

Clan Of Xymox - In Love We Trust CD [Metropolis]
The classic darkk-wave band celebrates its 25th anniversary with the release of a brand new studio album!

also in next week...
Informatik - Arena CD [Metropolis]

Still Fresh...

Nachtmahr - Alle Lust Will Ewigkeit CD [Trisol]
L'ame Immortelle mastermind Thomas Rainer's industrial project's new album.
Cold Cave - Love Comes Close LP/CD [Heartworm]
Brilliant scourged synthpop with heavy currents of Joy Division / New Order in its veins. "Supergroup" featuring Wes Eisold (Give Up The Ghost, Some Girls), Dominick Fernow (Prurient) and Caralee McElroy (Xiu Xiu).

6Comm - Like Stukas Angels Fall: Retrospect 1984 -1990 CD [Kenaz]
Re-recorded album of classic tracks featuring songs from the early 6Comm period and also a few tracks from his previous work in Death in June. Electro - Folk - Classical- Martial- Experimental -- 16 great songs, including new versions of "Torture Garden" and "Carousel" with new vocal sections. Nice gold foil blocked Digipak!

Jessie Evans -
Is It Fire? LIMITED  LP/CD [Fantomette]
Former Subtonix/The Vanishing/Autonervous member finally goes solo. Features appearances by Budgie (Siouxsie & The Banshees, The Creatures) and Toby Dammit (Swans, Iggy Pop).

Coming Up...

Der Blutharsch - Everything is Alright! LP [SOON!]
Death In June - Black Angel Live! Picture Disc LP+CDEP [September 8]
Black Tape For A Blue Girl – 10 Neurotics CD featuring Brian Viglione of The Dresden Dolls [September 22]

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