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Amoeba Music San Fra
Cagencisco Hip-Hop Top Five: 07:10:09 (by Luis, hip-hop buyer)

1) Cage Depart From Me (Def Jux)

2) Alchemist Chemical Warfare (KOCH)

3) J-Dilla Dillanthology 2: Dilla's Remixes for Various Artists Remixes (Rapster)

4) Chali 2na Fish Outta Water (Decon)

5) Notes To Self A Shot In The Dark (BBE)

Single of the week: 

Kid Cudi
"Make Her Say" (Universal/Motown)

Thanks to Luis (as seen in YouTube clip above), the hip-hop buyer at Amoeba Music, San Francisco, for this week's top five best selling new hip-hop CDs, plus the single of the week. Cage, this week's number one, even surpasses his last innovative outing Hell's Winter from four years ago. This new Def Jux album is bound to break the gifted New York progressive rap artist onto the mainstream. Just check out the video below for the new Cage album track "I Never Knew You." The song and accompanying video (directed by Shia Labeouf) have the same power and engaging urgency that Nirvana's breakout single/video "Smells Like Teen Spirit" did back in the early nineties. Coincidentally, Cage's notoriously troubled past, including mental health problems and drug abuse, draw some parallels to Kurt Cobain. Although thankfully it seems that Cage has gotten his shit chali 2na fish outta watertogether as far as the hard drugs are concerned, so hopefully he can stay mentally healthy & focused on his art and continue to make great albums like Depart From Me.

Chali 2na's album Fish Outta Water on Decon Records is a really tight release. The emcee with that instantly recognizable and totally unique deep voiced flow, known for his membership in Jurassic 5 and Ozomatli, not to mention countless cameos he has made on other artists' releases, including Potluck, delivers an album that should appeal equally to both indie hip-hop and pop audiences. The whole album is good, but the songs that I have been hitting repeat on are "Controlled Coincidence" (featuring Kanetic Source), the funky reggae "Guns Up" with Damien Marley and Stephen Marley joining the emcee, and "International" (feat. Beenie Man). Other guests include Talib Kweli, Anthony Hamilton, Choklate, and eLZhi. Below is the Yoram Benz & Jason Goldwatch directed video for the album track "Lock Shit Down" (feat. Talib Kweli).

Also below in this "video version" of the Amoeba HIp-Hop Weekly Round Up are more new videos from the latest hip-hop chart entries. Canada's hip-hop crew Notes To Self (not to be confused with US alternative rock group Note To Self), who are down with LA's Dilated Peoples and have the new album A dillanthology 2Shot In The Dark out on BBE, have the video for "Yellow & Green" (remix) below. Also below is the video for the new Alchemist track "Smile (feat. Twista & Maxwell) off his new album Chemical Warfare on KOCH, which also features Eminem as one of his many guests. To hear the De La Soul track "Stakes Is High" -- one of the dozen J-Dilla produced tracks on the new Dillanthology 2: Dilla's Remixes for Various Artists just out on Rapster, click here.

The single of the week is Kid Cudi's official second single "Make Her Say" (formerly known as "Poke Her Face") featuring both Kanye West and Common, plus an infectious Lady Gaga sample of "Poker Face." This CD also features King Cudi (an artist whose bound to be successful debut album won't drop til later this year)'s multi Platinum single from earlier this year "Day N Nite"  in both regular version and the "Day N Nite" (Crookers Remix) version. The video for the Crookers mix, which is a harder and faster mix, is also featured down below.

Cage "I Never Knew You" (Depart From Me, 2009)

Chali 2na "Lock Shit Down" feat. Talib Kweli (Fish Outta Water, 2009)

Alchemist "Smile" (feat. Twista & Maxwell) (Chemical Warfare, 2009)

Notes To Self "Yellow & Green (Remix) feat. Dilated Peoples (2009)

Kid Cudi "Day N Nite" (Crookers Remix) off the "Make Her Say" CD single (2009)

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