Top 5 World Music Best Sellers For June 7th-June 14th

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Top 5 World Music Best Sellers June 7-14

1. Aventura-Last (New York/Dominican Republic)
2. Los Amigos Invisibles- Commercial (Venezuela)
3. Federico Aubele- Amatoria (Argentina)
4. V/A- Love Is Love (Africa)
5. Serge Gainsbourg- Historie De Melody Nelson (France)

The self-proclaimed Kings of Bachata ran away with the top spot on Amoeba Hollywood's World Music top five. Aventura sold enough to get on Amoeba Hollywood's overall top ten (a rare feat for our little section of the store), along with new releases from Mos Def, Grizzly Bear, Sonic Youth and J Dilla. Aventura, along with Wisin & Yandel, is the soundtrack to many lovesick teenage Urban Latinos in matching Kobe Bryant jerseys. It's the kind of sickly sweet stuff that you dedicate to your girl or guy if you love them or if they broke your heart.

Although this was an conscious attempt to make a mainstream album, Los Amigos Invisibles' latest, Commercial, stays the course that the band has been on for fifteen years. Remember what was often said about The Grateful Dead? “It's not that they're the best at what they do, it's that they're the only ones who do what they do?" That's certainly the case with Los Amigos Invisible. If you love their unique take on Latin Disco with loungy undertones, Commercial won't disappoint.

Federico Aubele’s electronic dub meets Tango and acoustic music has many fans, including Argentineans, KCRW heads and people who love Thievery Corporation. Maybe they are all one in the same? Nevertheless, they go gaga for this guy. It’s perfect background music for a cafĂ© or perhaps that mood music for driving or for that soundtrack for the mini-movie inside your head. There are also remixes on vinyl of some of these tracks as well as some from his previous release, Panamericana, which bump a little more than the CD versions.

From our newly expanded World Music vinyl section comes an African compilation, Love Is Love. This is a collection of “R&B, Highlife, & Dry Guitar Music from various African countries, recorded between 1955 & 1972." I wish I could tell you more about it, but it sold out before I could get a copy of it. Hopefully we will get more and I’ll have my chance to tell you more about it. By the way, did I tell you Amoeba Hollywood has expanded the World Music Vinyl section? There will be more on that to come.

Finally, at number five comes the re-release of a timeless classic, Serge Gainsbourg's Histoire Of Melody Nelson. Oh, those French! While we are in the days where David Letterman has to apologize for making a joke about an adult having sex with a teenager, back in 1971 ol’ Serge made an entire concept album about it. The Lolita-esque story of a love affair with a teenage girl (played by Serge's then girlfriend Jane Birkin) has influnced so many I couldn't begin to list them all. If you've never heard this album, you will be embarrased to admit you like those artists who stole from this classic. The reissue of Histoire De Melody Nelson, released by Light in The Attic, is also out on vinyl, limited to 2000 units worldwide.

Coming this week: Panama 2! & Novalima Coba Coba Remixed!

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