Posted by Mr. Chadwick, May 20, 2009 12:10pm | Post a Comment

I figured that this would be a good follow up to my fire blog. After I launched that one in honor of Pele, I realized that yesterday was the feast of Brighid and that I should have offered my work to her. So today, I make this tabacco offering to her.

Although the entire Jackie Gleason series has beautiful artwork, Night Winds is my favorite. Very sinister undercurrents flowing through the image.

The pic of Brenda Bennett on the above Apollonia 6 LP cracks me up because she always looked old to me when I was a kid, but in this picture she's probably younger than I am now. I love the way that the Straight Lines LP came out in this photo. The giant cat urine stain on the left adds so much. OK, I'm going off to smoke my Peterson now...

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