Amoeba Hollywood World Music Top 10 For 2009...So far

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Amoeba Hollywood World Music Top 10 For 2009

1. Zoe-Reptilectric
2. Amadou & Mariam-Welcome To Mali
3. V/A -African Scream Contest
4. Orchestre Poly Ritmo-Vol. 1- The Vodoun Effect: Funk and Sato from Benin's Obscure Label
5. Eydie Gorme Y Los Panchos-Cantan En Espanol
6. V/A-Nigeria 70: Lagos Jump
7. V/A- Vol.1-Nigeria 70
8. Rodrigo Y Gabriela -Live In Japan
9. Manu Chao-Clandestino
10. V/A- 78's From The EMI Archives: Sprigs Of Time

About some of the artists:

Zoe, a rock band from Mexico City, is on the top of Amoeba Hollywood's World Music chart for 2009. I wrote about Zoe in the beginning of this year in a blog entitled, Music Latin Music Majors Don't Want You To Hear, which was about how late in the game U.S. labels are when it comes to releasing popular Spanish rock artists domestically. To avoid being outsold by download sites, we ordered the import version of Reptilectric and sold out of all the imports we bought way before their U.S. release. Their in-store performance at the Hollywood store on 4/24 also fueled sales, far exceeding sale expectations for that evening. In short, Zoe fans came in vast numbers and Amoeba Hollywood was not fully prepared. Hey, it happens sometimes.

Amadou & Mariam's Welcome to Mali was another highly anticipated release. Once again we started with the import version due to the demands of our customers, who could not wait until the April release. People seem to be divided on their love for this album: Some feel Amadou & Mariam went too modern, while others warmed up to the group because of it. Either way, it was great to see the excitement over a release from our favorite blind Malian couple, who are now set to open for Coldplay in July on their U.S. tour.

Rodrigo Y Gabriela's Live In Japan is a teaser until their next album is released. Capitalizing on their strong live shows, Live In Japan contains a CD & DVD that allows fans to relive their epic live performances. Best thing I think about the group is that it has turned many people on to Flameco music who may have not been into it before. Rodrigo Y Gabriela could be the gateway Flameco drug that leads people to the hard stuff. Soon they will be strung out on Sabicas, Camaron De La Isla & Paco De Lucia! To watch a video of Rodrigo y Gabriela performing at Amoeba Hollywood, click here.

What The Cha
rt Says About L.A: If it wasn't Africano, it was Mexicano! With the exception of Manu Chao's Clandestino and 78's From The EMI Archives: Sprigs Of Time, the top ten chart was dominated by either African or Mexican artists.

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