New Electronic CD Releases 5/06/09

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Few highlights from this weeks new CD releases. The Prins Thomas live mix CD is the best mix I've heard in months!  - Oliver
Prins Thomas
Prins Thomas
Live At Robert Johnson Vol. 2 (CD)

This is the second volume in a 4-part CD compilation series celebrating the 10th anniversary of Frankfurt's Robert Johnson club. Volume 2 has been selected and mixed by one of Norway's best: Full Pupp label head, DJ/producer, and versatile disco Viking, Prins Thomas. In the studio, Thomas sprinkles everything from the Junior Boys and Studio through to Justus Köhncke and techno classics on R&S Records with his lively drum-bass-organ magic. As a DJ, he works his sets from front to back, from loud to quiet, and from one genre to the next, through all various shades of grey in between. This is probably the only CD in the whole world on which Ricardo Villalobos dances to "Afro Punk Reggae Dub" by Steel An' Skin with his house band Cos/Mes, where a Playhouse classic from Roman Flügel performs an Acid Test in the "Gallery Oslo" by Kåre & The Cavemen, where synth-rock by Trans Am glows like a fixed star, and where Bjørn Torske makes it clear who was the first to polish the Norwegian disco ball (the Idjut Boys claim this title for England). Also on this mix, Closer Musik evokes wistfulness and Sébastien Tellier argues about beard lengths with DJ Harvey of Map Of Africa. Twenty-seven breathtaking gems, some of them affectionately edited by Prins, but always with two hands, a Urei mixing desk, two CD players and turntables, the mischievous Korg Kaoss Pad as well as an in/out insulator, and mixed with that unwavering, killer DJ instinct of his. And of course, everything is done live in one take so as to evoke the feeling of a Viking longboat on a stormy sea. Other artists include: Arpadys, Cage & Aviary, Capracara, Rub N Tug, Trans Am, Babytalk, Frankie Valentine, Isoul8, Low Motion Disco, Still Going, James Yuill, Dogs Of War, Anarchic System, Argy & The Mole, Martin Circus, Opolopo, Domu, Mathew Jonson, Samos, and Lindstrøm.

S/T (CD)

This is the highly-anticipated debut full-length release by Moderat, the collaborative conjoining of Modeselektor and Apparat. Moderat's formation began back in 2002 when Sascha Ring (aka Apparat), Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary (aka Modeselektor) recorded an EP for the record label BPitch Control. A short time later, the artists went their separate ways to work on their own full-length albums -- Modeselektor's debut, Hello Mom!, and Apparat's collaboration with Ellen Allien, Orchestra Of Bubbles. Each went on to become successful releases and were followed by two career-defining albums for the individual acts. A twist of fate at the Stadtbad Mitte (Berlin-Mitte City Pool) united them in the spring of 2008, and Moderat was reformed. They recorded at the legendary Berlin Hansa Studios (where David Bowie recorded Heroes) in analog with the help of the studio's vintage tube technology and an old EMI console from 1972, restored especially for Moderat. American software designer Joshua Kit Clayton was hired to program a superb reverb algorithm specifically for the recording process of this album. Additionally, during the first phases of recording, Szary and Bronsert bought an EMT Model 140 Plate Reverb on an Internet auction and had to travel to Los Angeles to pick it up. Back in the studio, the Berlin vocalist Dellé (aka Eased) from leading German act Seeed found himself in Moderat's studio room while on a quest to find a bottle opener. There on the spot, the three gents of Moderat finally waved good-bye to the concept of a mere instrumental album and said hello to vocal recordings and the song "Sick With It." At the same time, they found older vocal recordings of Paul St. Hilaire that had been recorded by Szary and Bronsert way back on low-noise 1/4" analog tape. Those recordings are what led to the low growl of "Slow Match." All this encouraged Szary and Bronsert to convince Ring it was time for him to contribute a beautiful set of soft vocals, which can be heard on the moody drone of "Rusty Nails" and on the flickering synth-wash of "Out Of Sight." Seven years after their initial formation, Moderat's self-titled debut makes it sound like these fellas have been working closely together for years -- and the analog production gives these tracks a steady, glowing warmth that pulses and breathes organically. Totally seductive, dark dance tunes that possess an almost tribal disposition for the most intense peak moments. This is a massive debut that unites two of techno's most celebrated acts.
Luke Hess
Luke Hess
Light In The Dark (CD)

This is the debut full-length release by Luke Hess from Detroit. After his successful 12" on Echocord Colour with Marko Fürstenberg, he is now back with a full-length album on Echocord. Luke Hess creates deep Detroit techno with a focus on soul and experimentation over prevalence and trends. Born in 1980 in metro-Detroit and subjected to the city's mid-'90s warehouse parties, Luke has harnessed a deep appreciation for the underground movement and electronic dance music. His faith-based music production has given him the desire to reach out to others, in the hope that electronic music can be a bridge for restoration and not an avenue for destruction. After acclaimed releases on FXHE, and other successful releases on Beretta Grey, Echocord Colour, and Kontra-Musik, Luke's sound is beginning to take root. Light In The Dark further explores deep Detroit dance music through field recordings, live percussion sessions, analog experimentation, and dark, cavernous melodies.
Len Faki
Len Faki
Berghain 03 (CD)

Following André Galluzzi and Marcel Dettmann's Berghain mixes, this is the third installment in this series, mixed by Berlin's Len Faki. There aren't many DJs who embody euphoric raving, moments fraught with happiness and electric discharges onto the dancefloor the way Len Faki does. What has been reserved for dancers at Berghain and other international clubs is now available on CD for the first time ever. Berghain 03 is a display of Faki's mastery at its most compact and intense. Unlike a recording from a club night, this CD concentrates all aspects and tonalities of Len's extensive sets at Berghain in 77 minutes. Len takes the listener on an odyssey: at the beginning, one is sucked into a hypnotic techno sound that gradually develops a more and more intoxicating, electrifying and dramatic dynamic. Len Faki's exclusive contribution "BX 3" marks a first euphoric highlight, being absorbed by the dubby undertones of Radio Slave's "Neverending," another exclusive track on this mix, followed by Basement Jaxx's disco-house, transporting the euphoric atmosphere to a new frisky level. Towards the end, Jerome Sydenham and Dennis Ferrer's "Timbuktu" adds a spiritual depth underlined by Burial's remix of Bloc Party's "Where Is Home?" -- the perfect closing track. Having moved to Berlin in 2002, Len Faki took a creative break in order to restart as a DJ and musician. He became a resident at Berghain and launched his labels Figure and Podium on which he released a series of excellent 12"s. For anyone who experienced Len Faki internationally as a peaktime DJ or who only knows him for his productions, the second, more house-y part of Berghain 03 might come as a surprise, as this aspect of his DJing has so far been reserved to his marathons at Berghain. But Faki rises to the special challenge of presenting such a set during the length of a CD, without suffering the loss of the broad stylistic range of such a night. Being able to show that it's still possible to bring oppositional tracks into a coherent context on this mix has been a task close to Len's heart. By changing styles, Len Faki reveals connections you can feel. By layering the tracks for very long periods, they all appear in a new light, from John Beltran's orchestral sounds to Burial's fey dubstep. Berghain 03 is an injection of adrenaline into any raver's heart. Other artists include: Edit-Select, Roman Lindau, Collabs, Speedy J & Chris Leibling, Gez Varley, Tony Montana, Someone Else, Wink, Pfirter, Eric Johnston, JP Montesino, Planetary Assault Systems, Jero, Koljah & Oliver Deutschmann, Ed Davenport, Tony Lionni, Nick Holder & Kaje, Trackheadz, and Laurent Garnier.

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