Coachella Is A Beast!!!

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Coachella 2009 is less than a week away and I couldn’t be more stoked about it. The anxiousness, over emotionalism and lack of sleep could be brought on by the fact that this will be my first time, or it could be the fact that I get to skip town for a couple days that’s making me giddy like a young school girl on a first date. Could be either of those, but I’m really going to have to place my bets and give full credit for my fevered state to the acts I’m most excited to see grace the stage.

Day 1: The Black Keys. The blues-rockers put on a spectacular live show, having toured with bands like Pearl Jam, Radiohead and Beck. They’re phenomenal on every record. My favorite has got to be Thickfeakness. It’s the truth! Meaning: the sweetest tasting candy in the world!!! Their last album, Attack & Release, which was produced by Danger Mouse of Gnarls Barkley, was originally supposed to be a collaboration with the legendary Ike Turner, but that idea was rendered impossible after Turner’s sudden death in December 2007. Danger Mouse, or that guy who put Jay-Z’s vocals from The Black Album over beats from The BeatlesThe White Album, isn’t on the bill this year, but it would be a great surprise to see him grace the stage with The Black Keys this weekend. I know… just wishful thinking. Then again, anything’s possible at Coachella -- I say it like I know. To whet your appetite, check out a video of the Black Keys performing at Amoeba right here.

Day 2: M.I.A. on the main stage. What a feast for the eyes and ears she's going to be; some kind of spectacular! I must admit, I was a little disappointed after hearing Amy Winehouse had pulled out of the line-up. Nothing could have made my day more, though, than learning M.I.A. would be taking her place. This will be my first time seeing her live and I'm going to enjoy it like the kids on the block love to jump rope, like a waitress loves a good tip. She's my hero. The visual artist was as cute as a button at the Grammys with her polka dots on and her big, beautiful belly bouncing around. She just gave birth to a little bundle of joy. Good news, considering she would have been miserable with a belly full in the scorching heat of Coachella, which tends to cause an alarming amount of inflammation in the feet and ankles. We’re just glad to hear she’s decided bed rest is for snoozers. I’ll be her number one fan, front row center, k'ankles and all. Click here to watch a video interview with M.I.A. from her Berkeley Amoeba instore.

Her artist Rye Rye is suppose to perform tomorrow night at Steve Aoki's Dim Mak Tuesdays at Cinaspace on Hollywood Blvd. So, grab your spandex, scrunchies and hipster shades and head out, 'cause the show is going to be bananas. Get there early-- the line gets crunk around 10:30pm. Who knows, M.I.A. might even make a special guest appearance like she did at the Kid Cudi show a few weeks back -- and that's how rumors get started.

Day 3: Peter Bjorn and John. The Swedish indie rockers are amped to redeem their performance cred in front of a crowd like Coachella after a disastrous show at SXSW where they were heckled and booed by an impatiently unsympathetic crowd for long interruptions due to equipment malfunctions. Oh, the pressure. What a nightmare! They're in my good graces: I just got my paws on a copy of their new CD Living Thing fresh off the presses and haven’t stopped bumping it since. Have you heard their new single “Nothing To Worry About?" LOOOOVE IT-- that means more than a little bit. The playful joint features the vocals of little kids on the hook and is a superb follow up to their last banging
single “Young Folks.” The video for their hot new single is just as bittersweet. It's equal parts red-hot fireballs, extreme sour warheads, and sweet tarts, all bundled into one.

I'm so ready for three music packed days, highlighted by The Black Keys on the first day, M.I.A on the second day and Peter Bjorn and John on the third. I guess I’m also pretty excited to see Thievery Corporation, Groove Armada, The Chemical Brothers, The Ting Tings, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Sheppard Fairey, The Knux, Clipse, My Chemical Romance, K’naan, and well, just about everyone. See you on the field. And if you are looking for information about many other bands that will be hitting the Coachella stage, check out Scott's Coachella 30/30 Initiative series. ‘Till next time…chew the corners off!

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