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Today is the third and final day of the talent-packed, weekend-long Coachella Festival, which has been Amoeblogged about here intensively in the hella informative Coachella 2009 30/30 Initiative (30 Coachella Bands Featured in 30 Days) blog over the last few weeks leading up the annual diverse outdoor music festival at the Empire Polo Field in Indio, CA.

Rightfully dubbed by the UK music magazine NME as "probably the best festival in the world," today's (Sunday, April 19th) impressive lineup includes The Cure, Public Enemy (the recently reunited), Throbbing Gristle, Lupe Fiasco, Roni Size Represent, My Bloody Valentine, Groove Armada, K'NAAN, Brian Jonestown Massacre, Antony and the Johnsons, and Themselves, who I recently caught up with. I checked out their show (amazing!) and talked with member (and former Amoeba employee) Adam "Doseone" Drucker, who shares membership in the Oakland-based Anticon duo with fellow producer/emcee Jeff "Jel" Logan.

Although Jel and Doseone are both members of the group Subtle and are constantly producing together or just hanging out in the East Bay, where they both live, as the duo Themselves they had not performed or recorded together in six years until recently. They've just recorded an album that will drop in a couple of months or so, put together a kick-ass mix-CD, and have undertaken a national tour that ends today at Coachella. Then, on Friday (24th) they begin their European tour, starting in Paris, France. I caught up with them in NYC a couple of weeks ago when they played at Webster Hall and talked with Doseone about various doseonethings, including the Anticon group's ten-year anniversary. "We made up a ton of music we always wanted to make and one was a giant collaborative effort...with everyone we ever shared air with and that was something we always wanted to do in a million ways," said Dose-One of the new mix CD that includes such killer tracks as "Know That To Know This," featuring Aesop Rock. "There's nothing like an hour-long posse cut to clean the blood," he laughed. "And we finished our full-length, which is our kind of stoic little ten song banger for the ten year anniversary and [on it] every song has its place in the history of rap recording to us and our own personal history with respect to rap and how we make music these days. So, you know, it's a blast. It was great! It was like getting our fitted suits."

At their NYC show they killed it and delivered a live hip-hop show just as it should be (i.e., completely live), with both artists each playing their own music live and rapping over it. As Doseone noted that most live rap shows are  "where it is a band playing live rap beats, but this is very much us finding our own ground with all of this," meaning that he and Jel are both improvising off an assortment of instruments, including of course an MPC each, and cooking up some sick beats. Brilliant!  And all along the pair's current cross-country Themselves tour, Doseone has been battling whomever cares to step to the mic. "I put out an open call to anyone to come see me," he said of his invitation to any emcees who dared step up to the mic and battle the man who has built a career on slaying inferior MCs in battle scenarios. So who knows what could go down today at Coachella during Themselves' performance (and no two Themselves shows are ever the same), which happens at 12:45pm at the Gobi stage?

For more info on Coachella (there's still time to drive there from LA if you are reading this Amoeblog shortly after posting), either hit up the official site or re-visit all of the Amoeblogs in the month-long Coachella 2009 30/30 Initiative series and exact ticket info here. And for more info on the group, hit up Themselves' MySpace and/or the Anticon website.

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