Easter Promises - Every Sin Leaves a Mark

Posted by Eric Brightwell, April 12, 2009 03:24pm | Post a Comment
Hello friends, it's Easter once again. And no one does Easter better than Amoeba. Yes friends, Amoeba is known for our selection that simply can't be beat. So after gorging yourselves on low quality milk chocolate lupine effigies to honor a pagan fertility goddess, sit back in the easy chair and let those calories do their worst whilst you enjoy some of our fine Easter fare. Do your one "hop" shopping at Amoeba this Easter, won't you?

Thanks Easter Bunny!!!!!!!! *Bwok Bwok!*

Remember, Ēostre is the reason for the season.

I used to get so excited when Cadbury eggs were available!

Ah yes, dressing up for Easter in outfits you only wear once...

The Easter Bunny shouldn't be so anatomically correct.

Uh oh, is the vet available on Easter?

The Easter Bunny has interesting style.


Which is cuter, a bloody Easter Bunny or a bird taking a deep breath of cigarette smoke?

Aussies hate bunnies, so they have the Easter Bilby.


This just screams Easter!

If you enjoyed the more bizarre Easter cards, check out this website for a truly amazing collection. Actually, even if you hated them, do it.

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