Boris: Back to Black with a foggy new dronathon and super limited double-live LP.

Posted by Kells, March 30, 2009 12:21am | Post a Comment

Japan's reigning purveyors of thunderous heavy rock, Boris, hit the shelves of Amoeba San Francisco's Underground Japanese Rock section with a one-two punch this winter with their latest studio recording, Cloud Chamber (featuring, once again, guest Ghost guitarist Michio Kurihara), and Smile -Live in Prague-- a very limited (only 425 copies issued) double-live LP "official bootleg" recorded (with permission) in the Czech Republic on the trio's latest tour in support of their album Smile. Though both are pricey, as doubless many a Boris fan has already guessed, both are worth shelling out the exra dough for, as many a Boris fan surely already knows. Here's why: Cloud Chamber is a first class return to the strom and drang style doom that fans of (lowercase 'b') boris have found in previous releases like flood and at last -feedbacker. It is just the sort of storm surge of sound that lays defenseless listeners down as if prone on the slab, hypnotized for sacrifice; beware of drowning. Smile - Live in Prague, on the other hand, has garnered more pointed attention for its sleeve art than for the bounty of copies we've recieved, given its inherent rareness. Some call the artwork, an obvious homage to San Francisco black metal band Von, a flagrant rip off. I find it delightful and, really, par for the course considering the lengths Fangs Anal Satan (Boris' art-working name) goes to produce, or reproduce if you will, some of the most coveted, kick ass packaging that drives both sticker prices and collectors' expectations upwards of the norm. Here are some of my favorite of Boris' artful tributes as, the old adage says, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. (And check out images and reviews from Boris' amazing three Amoeba instores-- they've played each and every Amoeba -- here, here and here.)






Charming, isn't it? Maybe it makes me just as big a rock n' roll dork as they are. I also like bands who refer to themselves in their songs (as if they needed constant reminders of how pumped they themselves and the audience should be about them). Though, thankfully, Boris isn't one of them crazy, name-droppin' bands, they sure pay a lot of tribute to those who made Boris the rock machine they are today. I wonder what they would have called themselves if it weren't for the song "Boris" by the Melvins.....

I wonder where they got the name and art concept for Cloud Chamber from. The artwork is pretty minimal and plain, but nonetheless suggestive of another one of Boris' many loves. 


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