Coachella 2009 30/30 Initiative: Paul Weller

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127 Bands, 5 Stages, 3 Days and 1 Mean Sunburn.

"Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival - April 17-19th, 2009 or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Find 30 Reasons To Love a Weekend in the Desert."

- By Scott Butterworth

Coachella LineupPaul Weller

Day #13 - Artist #13 - Paul Weller:

Throw on your best Ben Sherman shirt with the crisp collar, jump on your Vespa, and scoot your way over to Indio, California where the "Modfather" himself, Paul Weller, will be performing during the now-infamous sunset time slot at Coachella on Sunday April 19, 2009.

(Writer's note: Three hours of writing and research for this post was just deleted in one second by a rogue click of the mouse. I feel sick to my stomach. For some reason, the only thing that is keeping me from launching my laptop out my front window right now is listening to "Escape" from Metallica's album Ride the Lightning [1984]. So please enjoy it with me.)

Anyways, back to the topic at hand. Since it is now 3:30am, there is no way I will be able to recreate the masterpiece that would have been this blog post. So in the spirit of Brian Wilson and Axl Rose, I will give you the best I have now, and for the next few decades I will talk about how the "lost Paul Weller profile" was the epitome of Web 2.0 creative genius!

When I was a kid, we had to walk uphill, barefoot in the snow...all while reading So we're going to do this profile the old fashioned way. A link to Paul Weller's wikipedia page and a video history of the man that made history for over thirty years with The Jam, The Style Council, and his Solo career.

The Jam released six albums and eighteen consecutive Top 40 singles in the UK from 1977-1982.

The Jam - "In The City" from debut album In The City (1977):

The Jam - "That's Entertainment" from Sound Affects (1980):

The Style Council released four albums from 1983 to 1989.

The Style Council  - "Internationalists" from Live Aid (1985):

The Style Council - "A Solid Bond in Your Heart" from the album My Every Changing Mood (1983):

Paul Weller has pursued a Solo career from 1990 to the present, which has earned him some of his highest critical and commercial success, most notably with albums Wild Wood (1993) and Stanley Road (1995).

Paul Weller - "Sunflower" from the album Wild Wood (1993):

Paul Weller - "The Changingman" from the album Stanley Road (1995):

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