The Crying Light - Antony and the Johnsons

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Antony of Antony and the Johnsons has created a more than worthy followup to his wonderful I Am A Bird Now. This new album is called The Crying Light, and it is as hauntingly gorgeous as anything else Antony has put out.

On The Crying Light there are some beautifully unexpected moments and, as always, a lot of vocal vibrato. Through it all, we glimpse Earth though the eyes of a keen observer of the natural world, who penetratingly sees both its agony and ecstacy. Strings abound on the first track "Everglade," while the second song "Epilepsy is Dancing" is delicate and features guitar and wind instruments. "Aeon" is an awesomely gorgeous torch song and plea dedicated to the universe and its eternity. One of the record's centerpieces, "Another World" (also included on this past fall's ep Another World), longs for a place beyond our planet, a place that is not so limiting and broken. There's a quite a bit of sonic variation for someone who has been so critically defined merely by the timbre of his voice. No doubt, that voice is there in all its smoky, vibrating glory. It blankets every track in its special, warm glow. The release, the silences, the showiness of it all is just perfection. But the music that flows through this album is just as glorious as the otherwordly vocals.

It's obvious to me that someone at the top of his game is making this music. The Crying Light is one of the more cathartic works I've heard in a long time. Antony knows how to both take risks and present his work with a humble confidence. Though his songs have a darkness to them, his brilliance shines through like the luminous, hazy moon in a cloudy night sky.

Antony consistantly creates the kind of music that seeps into your head slowly and then suddenly opens up what feels like an entirely new universe in there. It seems perfectly apt -- maybe that musical escapism, the space that transcendent music can allow us to enter in our minds, is the only kind of "(an)other world" we can find.

Here's Antony playing "Aeon" on Letterman last month:

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