Lindstrøm in San Francisco

Posted by Mike Battaglia, February 3, 2009 01:49pm | Post a Comment

This past weekend San Francisco was one of a select few cities to welcome Norwegian producer Hans-Peter Lindstrøm, who brought his Cosmic Disco jams to the newly-reopened Paradise Lounge on a far-too-short three city tour (including Chicago and NYC). Lindstrøm's most recent full-length, Where You Go I Go Too, made many Best of 2008 lists including yours truly's and Amoeba SF's Electronica section's, as well as Pitchfork's (#12), Mixmag's, Time Out's and more, and for good reason. Branching out from making 6-minute dancefloor singles, Lindstrom crafted the title track into a 30-minute epic piece that rises and falls like the tides, taking the listener on a proper journey through disco basslines, laser FX and a vibe that brings to mind Can and Jan Hammer locked in a room with Hamilton Bohannon.

Touching down in SF alongside locals Conor, Beat Broker and TK Disko, Lindstrøm took the crowd to new heights after a blinding set of intense space disco by Ryan "Beat Broker," maxing out the dancefloor and propelling us through a selection of his best ("Contemporary Fix," "Another Station," "I Feel Space") and some new, unrecognizable jams, all threaded through the epic soundscapes of music from his current album.

Despite a mid-set laptop crash, a veritable midieval horde of pushy drunk dudes threatening to turn the party into an unthinkable sausage-fest (including fighting on the dancefloor), and more photographers getting in the way than on Sunset on a Saturday night, the set was uplifting, groovy as all hell and a joy to behold. But don't take my word for it -- YouTube user derekbobus sacrificed his pure experience of the moment so he could bring you an 11-part video series of the set, with above-decent audio quality for a YT video, embedded below for your convenience and listening pleasure.

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