What Your Favorite Fleetwood Mac Member May Say About You...

Posted by Miss Ess, February 5, 2009 02:39pm | Post a Comment
One of the best things about working at Amoeba is that I am surrounded by people who think like me. No, I don't mean we all worship Brian Wilson and Jeff Mangum and listen neverendingly to Roy Harper imports... I just mean that employees here always already relate everything back to music somehow. Our life lessons are only concrete when they are reverberating in song.

A friend and I were chatting yesterday with a customer at length about Fleetwood Mac. We talked around and finally settled on the idea that you can really tell a lot about someone by which Fleetwood Mac member is his or her favorite. I should add though that we only took into account the band's current incarnation -- this doesn't apply to the Peter Green-era Mac. Anyway, I've been enjoying thinking about it over the past day, so I thought I would share our musings here. Sure, they're reductive, but come play along:

If your favorite Fleetwood Mac member is...

Stevie Nicks: You may have always been a misfit or maybe you just have a flair for the dramatic. You might even have an affinity for crystals and spells. You live life with passion and are an opinionated leader. You are unfailingly guided by your intuition. Just guessing, but I bet somewhere inside you have always been a storm.

Lindsey Buckingham: You have a bit of an ego on you and it takes you time to check out and coif your hair in the mirror every day. You are intelligent and stubborn, and pretty much a perfectionist. I'm not saying you have a lot of chest hair but that might also be the case. And you probably have a penchant for wearing eyeliner (guyliner) on occasion as well.

Christine McVie: Her maiden name was aptly Christine Perfect. You are easy going-- cool as a cucumber, in fact. You are a fairly quiet individual, maybe a bit traditional. Still waters run deep with you. Your face does not often betray your inner emotions, and it's not just from that face lift you had a few years back. You root for the underdog and take pleasure in life's details.

Mick Fleetwood: You are probably a drummer too, or were one in a past life. You really don't care what anyone else thinks about you. Maybe you have a thing for berets too.

John McVie: You are a sarcastic jokester. Or maybe you are one of those people who just has to be different at all costs and likes an argument. You are the kind of person who is perhaps overly self-aware and so defiant that you wear shorts year round -- weather be damned! Look, McVie is clearly not the greatest member of the Mac. He just isn't.

I'm sure many people buck these trends and are nothing like the person they enjoy most in Fleetwood Mac; it's just kind of fun to think about.

The main thing about the Mac is that they are stronger and more powerful, moving and electric, when they join forces together onstage or in the studio -- The Chain, people! Different strokes for different folks is what makes the world go round -- and thank goodness or we wouldn't have an entity as dynamic and flawless as Fleetwood Mac! Truly a supergroup.

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