This Week At The New Beverly!

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This Week At The New Beverly!

Peter Bogdanovich guest programs
the New Beverly Cinema January 21-31!

The New Bev is extremely honored to have legendary director/ writer/ actor PETER BOGDANOVICH as a guest programmer for the period of Jan. 21-31, 2009. On Jan. 21-24, we will screen 5 of Mr. Bogdanovich's best films, and on Jan. 25-31, we will screen 3 double bills of other American classics selected by Mr. Bogdanovich.

Mr. Bogdanovich will appear in person for many of the screenings. Details on his specific appearances will be posted on our website as they are confirmed.

Sunday & Monday January 18 & 19

Van Damme x 2

(2008) Van Damme's Critically Acclaimed New Film!
dir. Mabrouk El Mechri, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme
Sun: 3:05 & 7:30; Mon: 7:30, Watch The Trailer!

Double Impact
JCVD Plays Dual Roles As Twins Separated At Birth!
dir. Sheldon Lettich, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme, Geoffrey Lewis, Bolo Yeung
Sun: 5:10 & 9:35; Mon: 9:35, Watch The Trailer!

Plus "Van Dammage" trailer show before each film. Rare original 35mm trailers shown for two nights only!

Tuesday January 20

Brian Quinn & Eric Caidin present
The Grindhouse Film Festival

Join us on Tuesday, January 20th, as the Grindhouse Film Festival returns to LA's New Beverly Cinema with a special Inauguration Day event. In recognition of the inauguration of our first bi-racial president we'll start the evening with a screening of DR. BLACK, MR. HYDE, in which Bernie Casey injects himself with an experimental drug that turns him from a mellow, benevolent African-American doctor by day into a crazed, evil white man by night! Following this, in tribute to the Barack and Michelle Obama "fist bump" heard round the world, will be the rarely screened BLACK FIST from 1975. Both films will be projected from original 35mm prints and the evening will also include a reel of exploitation film trailers.

The event starts at 7:30pm, and admission for the two features plus a reel of rare exploitation trailers and our world-famous free raffle is still only $8.

For additional information and schedules for upcoming events, visit our MySpace page at

Directed by William Crain
Starring Bernie Casey and Rosalind Cash

7:30, Watch The Trailer!

Directed by Timothy Galfas and Richard Kaye
Starring Richard Lawson, Annazette Chase, Philip Michael Thomas, Robert Burr and Dabney Coleman

Wednesday & Thursday January 21 & 22

The Films Of Peter Bogdanovich

The Last Picture Show (1971) Director's Cut!
dir. Peter Bogdanovich, screenplay by Larry McMurtry, starring
Timothy Bottoms, Jeff Bridges, Cybill Shepherd, Ben Johnson, Cloris Leachman, Ellen Burstyn, Eileen Brennan, Clu Gulager

What's Up, Doc? (1972)
dir. Peter Bogdanovich, starring Barbra Streisand, Ryan O'Neal
9:55, Watch The Trailer!

Friday & Saturday January 22 & 23

The Films Of Peter Bogdanovich

Paper Moon(1973)
dir. Peter Bogdanovich, starring Ryan O'Neal, Tatum O'Neal
Fri: 7:30; Sat: 3:00 & 7:30

Mask (Director's Cut) (1985)
New Archive Print Made In 2009
dir. Peter Bogdanovich, starring Cher, Eric Stoltz, Sam Elliott
Fri: 9:40; Sat: 5:00 & 9:40

Saturday January 24

Phil Blankenship & Amoeba Music present
New Beverly Midnights

Peter Bogdanovich's Targets (1968)
dir. Peter Bogdanovich, starring Tim O'Kelly, Boris Karloff, cinematograper László Kovács
11:59, All Tickets $7

Coming Soon:

21-31: Peter Bogdanovich guest programs the New Beverly! Bogdanovich plays films by directors Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawks, Orson Welles, Raoul Walsh & George Cukor!

18-28: Rian Johnson's Festival of Fakery including a special ADVANCE screening of his new film The Brothers Bloom!