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Sacramento (aka Sac-Town) CA, born Brotha Lynch Hung is the longtime NorCal producer and rapper who is best known for his unique, unapologetically hardcore, sadistic, self-described "rip-gut cannibal" rap style, often labeled "horrorcore." Brotha Lynch Hung got his rap handle from his younger half brother, rapper Sicx, not long after he first got into rap in the latter half of the 1980's as a battle rapper. Along with Sicx and (the long incarcerated Sac-Town) rapper X-Raided he was a part of early Sacramento rap trio Endangered Species who recorded the local landmark EP NIgga Deep (re-released in the mid nineties). 

In 1991 Brotha Lynch Hung produced X-Raided's solo underground and locally popular debut EP NIggas N Black. The following year he produced all but one track on X-Raided's acclaimed & controversial debut album Psycho Active.

But it was Lynch's 1993 own solo debut, the EP 24 Deep which he wrote, produced, mixed and performed, that firmly cemented him as a rap talent to be reckoned with, and one with a taste for shock-value. On the cover he dramatically appeared stretched out in a casket with a shotgun laying across his stiff chest looking very dead. Of course, he was not deceased but understandably many (especially those outside the immediate Sacramento area who bought the tape) believed him to be indeed dead and the EP a posthumous release. This, like his association with both X-Raided (incarcerated for his alleged part in a murder) and the infamous 24th St. Garden Blocc gang, only helped further fuel a morbid fascination by many with the artist.

In 1995 Brotha Lynch Hung released his landmark full-length debut (and classic to this day) Season of da Siccness (The Resurrection) which, with little promotion by his label Black Market Records but with fully fledged national distribution through Priority Records, sold a hundred thousand units out da box and made the lyrics of previous era shock rap acts like NWA and the Geto Boys seem almost innocent in comparison. "HIp-hop's equivalent of iller-than-ill death-metal bands like Cannibal Corpse," said the May 1995 issue of Rappages magazine in a review of the album, calling Lynch "a deranged, sadistic, Jeffrey Dahmer-ish psycho who's likely to feast on the remains of rival gangbangers." 

Apparently at least one listener took the lyrics too literallly. In September 1996 in Colorado "Crazy" Joe Gallegos, a rap fan, crystal meth abuser, & teen with a troubled past, who was killed by a SWAT team sniper after he had murdered three people on a killing spree, had reportedly been listening to Brotha Lynch Hung's music before the murders. According to an LA Times report at the time, the pastor assigned to the troubled youth after release from Juvenile Hall blamed the influence of the lyrically violent music the slain killer was listening to. 

Brotha Lynch Hung has said that his rip-gut siccness style dates back to his childhood. "I was always by myself in my room all the time and Iwas a little detached from reality...I loved horror movies. I loved seein' movies about car crashes and plane crashes," he told Murder Dog magazine. His style is a spin on the loosely connected horrorcore rap subgenre that also included the (more metal influenced) Detroit rapper Esham, an artist that Lynch has always hoped to collaborate with, and to a lesser degree Insane Clown Posse.

While controversy sells, sometimes it comes with a cost, and not one all labels want to bear. So for his 1997 album Loaded, the large, LA-based Priority Records, with whom the small Sacramento-based Black Market had signed a distribution deal and were endebted to, wanted to have more input in the lyrical content and tried to get the rapper to tone down his over the top misognynistic, ultra-violent lyrical style. This interference only worked in minor ways (removing some of the CD jacket imagery) but ultimately just delayed the release of the album and began the rift (also begun due to the fact that artist wasnt getting paid) between Brotha Lynch Hung and Black Market Records.

This disagreement over money not received by the artist led to drawn out lawsuits and differences that remain unresolved to date, and put a hold on output by the artist, essentially reaching a kind of stalemate. In fact, the artist's 2000 album EBK4 on Black Market wasn't really his creation but rather a mishmash of Lynch tracks and outtakes culled from various sources by label CEO Cedric Singleton who Lynch told Murder Dog magazine, "got my songs from somebody else or took songs off old albums to put together. It's got songs that cut off right in the middle," he complained of the "bunk album" he has distanced himself from. The same goes for the three part The Appearances CD series released by Black Market.

But while Lynch wasn't putting any new music out through Black Market, he was busy working in the studio on his own unreleased tracks and collaborations with others. His collaborations, including his role as producer on other releases, numbered well over a hundred and included working with C-Bo (with whom he collaborated on the recommended 2001 album Blocc Movement), Master P (his appearance on the 1997 I'm Bout It soundtrack helped further raise his profile at that time), E40, Snoop Dogg (a big fan from when he first heard Lynch), Mr. Serv On, Yukmouth, Kurupt, MC Eiht (the 2006 album The New Season), Tech N9ne, Tha Dogg Pound, 40 Glocc, Explicit, and C.O.S. (on the 2001 album Trigganometry). Siccmade, the label that Lynch launched, included such releases as the soundtrack to straight-to-VHS movie Now Eat, which Hung, who also stars in the movie, described as "horror comedy" with lots of cannibalism. Sicx also appeared in this film. After differences with former business partner Art B, Lynch cut ties with Siccmade and created the Madesicc label and crew which consisted of the artist plus such others as C.O.S. and Tallcann. According to the artist in an interview with a little over a year ago, upcoming Brotha Lynch Hung albums will include the titles Dinner & A Movie and Coat Hanger Strangler.

Best releases to get by Brotha Lynch Hung (look for them at Amoeba) are (in this order) Season Of Da Siccness (The Resurrection) (Black Market 1995), Loaded (Black Market 1997), 24 Deep (Black Market 1993), The Ripgut Collection (Best of Lynch Hung) (Madesicc 2007), Lynch by Inch: Suicide Note (Siccmade 2003), Snuff Tapes ( 2008), and The VIrus (Black Market 2001).

Brotha Lynch Hung "Season of da Siccness"

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