L'Trimm's Cars That Go Boom - The 1988 Miami Bass, Subwoofer Anthem by Tigre and Bunny D - Stands the Test of Time

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L'TRIMM "Cars With The Boom" (1988/Time-X Records)

Upon recently going back and playing the 1988 subwoofer anthem "Cars With The Boom" (the Miami bass song usually referred to as "We Like The Cars That Go Boom") by the duo L'Trimm (Bunny D and Tigre), I had give the pop-rap hit single/album track two thumbs up and place it in the truly stands-the-test-of-time category. To my ears "Cars With The Boom" sounds just as great today as when I first heard it 21 years ago on their debut album Grab It on Miami's Time-X Records label -- recorded when they were each only 18 years of age. It also sounds as fresh today as it did then, confirming what many say about the young duo being influential on contemporary acts that tap that classic Miami bass sound.

But back in '88 L'Trimm were occasionally accused of sounding, or trying to sound, like the already established female rap team of Salt'N'Pepa. And while it is true that the influence of, or traces of (Salt'N'Pepa's 1987 hit single) "Push It" can be heard on L'Trimm's debut, Tigre and Bunny had their own totally unique spin on the genre, not to mention the asset of having the killer, bass-heavy production skills of Davis Stone for Hot Productions Inc., something that makes "Cars With The Boom" a better, more solid sounding record than "Push It" in retrospect. It also, in my opinion, holds up much better than even Sir Mix-A-Lot's 1992 single "Baby Got Back" -- another pop-rap, bass-fueled hit that opens with girls talking about guy, but maybe I have just heard Mix-A-Lot's way too many times over the years.

Another thing that also seems clearer in retrospect is that L'Trimm were unfairly tagged as one-hit-wonders -- they had more than one good song. In actuality they released three full-length albums in all, including Drop That Bottom in 1989 and Groovy in 1991 (after which they called it quits) --  both also for Hot Productions. Of the three albums, their debut, which came about following the local success of the title track as a single, was their best release, but not just for "Cars With The Boom." Grab It sported several other really good tracks including the aforementioned title track, "Sexy," "We Can Rock The Beat," and "He's A Mutt."

Lady Tigra (as she later became known) and Bunny D, who initially became friends in high school, hailed from Kendall, in Dade County, Florida. But as they rapped in their music they were originally from New York and Chicago respectively. These days Bunny is out of the music business and busy as a mom, while Tigre is living in New York and still involved in music. See her nowadays (looking as fine as ever) in the video below for her 2007 track "Bass From The Bottom" (scroll down past the lyrics to "Cars With The Boom").


Tigre & Bunny's Lyrics from "The Cars With The Boom"

So many kinds where can we start?
We like them dumb and we like them smart
I like the ones with the pretty eyes
Well, I like all kinds of guys!
Stop, What happened?
How about the ones we especially like?
Which ones?
Ya know the ones with the cars that go...
I hear ya. Hit it

It was me and the posse
With Bunny D
We were cruisin in the Jag or the Lambourghinis
When low and behold there appeared a mirage
He was hooking up a car in his daddys garage

We stopped short did a double take
He was lookin so fly I thought I wasn't awake
He was obviously hooking up bass I assumed
Then he turned the little button and the car went BOOM!

We like the cars
The cars that go boom
We're Tigre and Bunny and we like the boom
We like the cars
The cars that go boom
We're Tigre and Bunny and we like the boom

We like them short
And we like them tall
We like them one
And we like them all
There always adding speakers when they find the room
Cause they know we love the guys with the cars that go boom!
And see my boyfriend really knows where it's at
He's got 50 inch woofers all along the back
He makes a comment on going to my room
But I'd rather stay out with his car that goes boom!


Now if your car ain't got it
Go out and get it
We like the boom
And don't you forget it
So turn down the treble
And flaunt your bass
So your car could be heard almost any place
Cuz when ya in the street you can't go far
Without hearin' the boom pouring out ya car
So if ya speakers weak
Then Please turn it off
Cuz we like the cars that sound so tough


Everybody just beep your horn,
Just beep your horn

Now Clap
Everbody just beep your horn
Beep beep beep beep
  THE LADY TIGRE "Bass on the Bottom"