A Year in the Life of Amoeba San Francisco

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It's been yet another eventful year here at Amoeba San Francisco, our 11th here on Haight Street! Below is a sort of best-of, a bunch of the highlights from the year for us, from instores to holiday events-- read on to celebrate the end of 2008 with us!

Going back to January 2008, we kicked off the new year with a groovy instore from Devendra Banhart.

devendra banhart at amoeba

January also saw the second annual Amoeba Art Show, held at the Space Gallery here in San Francisco. Many of Amoeba's employees, you see, are also fantastic artists, and so a huge gathering of pieces created by said employees from both the Berkeley and San Francisco Amoeba stores was shown, and the event also included some music, drinking and general hobnobbing. The art below was created by Amoeba Berkeley's Zak Wilson. More info about the event can be found here.

Then, in February, Vampire Weekend hit the stage for a HUGE and thrilling performance. You can go right here for a review and all the photos from that show.

vampire weekend at amoeba

Also in February, we had an instore with Flipper, a favorite band of Kurt Cobain's who now have ex-Nirvana member Krist Novoselic as part of their line up (the tall guy in the wild shirt in the pic below). You can check out an interview with the band conducted the day of their instore right here.

flipper at amoeba

Although we are in California, every year we at Amoeba celebrate Mardi Gras with a Fat Tuesday parade and King Cake! This year's tribute to the Big Easy commenced with parading through the streets, led by our King Anthony Marin.

amoeba fat tuesday

Steve Malkmus and the Jicks swung by in early March to play a fantastic, high-energy instore. You can see all the pictures and read a review of the show right here.

steve malkmus and the jicks at amoeba

In April, this year's Record Store Day was celebrated at Amoeba with special records and 7"s from many independent artists and also a guest appearance by local hero and Alternative Tentacles owner Jello Biafra, who bravely manned our Information Counter for hours, meeting and greeting many fans. We also had several guest DJs. You can check out a more detailed wrap up of the exciting day celebrating Independent Record Stores across America at all three Amoeba stores right here and you can also see more pictures from Amoeba SF's Record Store Day celebration here.

jello biafra at record store day, amoeba

One of the most highly anticipated instores this year was The Breeders' appearance in early May. Twin sisters Kim and Kelly Deal took to the Amoeba stage and wowed the eager audience.

the breeders at amoeba

Detroit's Dirtbombs also hit Amoeba SF with a bang this past May. Check out their performance and a truly awesome interview with the band conducted by Tom Lynch, an old friend of Mick Collins' and ex-member of the band who happens to work at Amoeba, below. All the photos from the event can be accessed right here.

The event of the summer was our annual Amoeba SF Amoebapalooza! Each year employees at Amoeba join together and form bands to perform at a one-night-only show and we invite everyone to come along for the ride. The sillier and crazier the act, the better. There's a full-on wrap up of the event including pictures here. The gals below were an acapella Smiths cover group. Note that they are all wearing black. Very in character.

amoebapalooza sf 2008

Another crowd-pleasing instore at Amoeba SF this year was Conor Oberst's performance, which took place in early August. Check out all the images from the show here, and there is a video of the Hollywood performance two days later right here!

conor oberst at amoeba

Immortal Technique blew up the Amoeba stage with an incendiary performance in mid August. You can check out pictures from the show here, and then you can see some of the performance, plus a great interview below:

The fall was marked by the release of Guitar Hero: World Tour, which features a level where you get to perform on the Amoeba stage! In honor of this momentous occasion, we held a gaming party at Blake's in Berkeley, where everyone could come and try their hand at the new video game.

guitar hero world tour amoeba party

On Halloween we had our annual Horrific Halloween Costume Contest, which was hosted by our own Mike Bee. As per usual, there were many brilliant and creative entries to the contest. If you are in a spooky mood, check out all the outfits and winners right here.

The impending election was probably the biggest thing on everyone's minds this autumn, and many customers registered to vote here at Amoeba SF! We even had a special t-shirt designed by Shepard Fairey to celebrate the election, which sold quite well and helped fuel the cause.

shepard fairey vote shirt at amoeba

Fall also brought my personal favorite instore of the year, when, thanks to the rerelease of the awesome album Cold Fact, we were treated to a performance by 60s cult hero Rodriguez. There are photos of the fantastic event right here.

rodriguez plays amoeba sf

Don't forget, if you can't regularly be with us here in the store, you can always check out photos from all the latest instore performances and other Amoeba SF events right here on our website, and, to get even closer to the shows, you can also view our awesome videos and interviews from many instores, also on our website right here!

What will the New Year bring? No one can say for sure, but we here at Amoeba SF know without a doubt that it will bring more community events, more surprises, more excitement and more of your favorite performers hitting the Amoeba SF stage. Stay tuned!


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