Amoeba Hollywood Cuban & Salsa Best Sellers

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1.The Buena Vista Social Club -Live At Carnegie Hall
2. Omara Portuondo-Gracia
3. Candido Y Su Movimiento - Palos De Fuego
4. Willie Colon- El Malo Vol. II: Prisioneros Del Mambo
5. Jose Lugo-Guasabara
6.Tabaco Y Su Metales-Grandes Exitos
7. Pachapo-El Super Tumbao
8. Tony Rojas-Introducing Tony Rojas
9. The Buena Vista Social Club-S/T
10. Bebo Valdes/Javier Colina - Live At The Village Vanguard

Once again The Buena Vista Social Club franchise ruled the Christmas charts, coming in at number one, two and nine. Live At Carnegie Hall is the full concert that you see towards the end of the Buena Vista Social Club movie. Omara Portuondo's latest came with much hype from NPR, which fueled her sales.  The Buena Vista Social Club is usually a safe bet at Christmas time.The movie was a great and all the stories behind the musicians involved are quite triumphant. However, if you want something a little more modern, there are releases from Willie Colon and pianist Jose Lugo (not to be confused with the Seattle Mairiner pitcher with the same name), which round off the top five. Colon’s El Malo Vol. II: Prisioneros Del Mambo is Willie’s first album in eleven years and Jose Lugo's effort has many special guests from Bobby Valentin to Gilberto Santa Rosa. Fans of modern day Hard Salsa should love this.

Candido Y Su Movimiento, Tabaco Y Su Metales, Pachapo and Tony Rojas' releases are all re-issues of their classic titles that were long out of print. It's nice to see many classic Salsa releases besides the Fania reissues coming back in print.

The ninety-year old Bebo Valdes continues to make great recordings. This time he pairs himself with Javier Colina, a bassist from Spain. Once again Bebo finds himself nominated for a Grammy for this release. One could say it’s an act of tokenism and perhaps it is, but I really believe Bebo has gotten better with age. He is the one “celebrity” that has come to Amoeba that I can say I'm truly in awe of.

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