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Last year I posted an entry about St. Nicholas and the rather unsavory company he keeps. Child murderers, demons and hags (oh my). Well, the Krampus proved very popular, earning me another nickname that has stuck around throughout the year.

The Krampus is a demon that, with the approval of kindly St. Nick, terrorizes bad children and apparently lusts after the ladies. His chief implements of torture seem to be a switch and a tongue which would embarass Gene Simmons. This is designed to frighten children into behaving well. Germanic peoples have always understood that the best way to rear children is by keeping them terrified of the consequences of bad behavior. My mother used to get on the phone to call "The Nanny," a character who rammed food down the throats of ungrateful children with her thorny stick. I credit my continued membership in the Clean Plate Club to these threats.

Der Struwwelpeter der struwwelpeter illustration

If you've never read Der Struwwelpeter then you don't know what you're missing. It's a childrens book which uses stories and wonderful illustrations to suggest that misbehavior is likely to end in disaster and even death. It's a wonderful tool.

So, enjoy these Krampuses, have a happy St. Nicholas Day and behave or die!

Krampus studying the globe Krampus flyingKrampus in motorcycle
First Krampus scours the globe. With many means of travel available, hiding is futile.

Child with Krampus doll   Child with Krampus doll   Child dressed as Krampus
These unsuspecting children have got the game twisted. Krampus is no joke!

Krampus receiving prayers   Krampus Can't Hear You   Krampus chasing children
Krampus will hear your prayers.             "I can't hear you!"                 St. Nick says, "Let's do this."

Krampus with Child Slaves Krampus licking child Krampus with kid in a basket Krampus with corpse
First he enslaves you, then he licks you, tosses you in a basket and... ultimately murders you.

Krampus in love Krampus leering at woman Krampus trying to impress babe Krampus checking girl in bed
Krampus has only one weakness!

Krampus Led by the Tongue    Krampus With Girl
real Krampus with bad children

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