Where's Waldo?

Posted by Mr. Chadwick, November 14, 2008 10:20am | Post a Comment

So, now that we actually have something to look forward to in our President Elect, I feel that we'll see our first real nostalgia for the decade known as the 90's. I know that there's been club nites and VH1 shows centered around fond 90's remembrances. However, now that's it approaching the "20 years ago today" mark, I think there will be a more in depth look back on the gen x/grunge era. I know for me, I can finally look back fondly at plasma donations, 60's styled garage rock bands, skinhead assaults, and janitorial gigs -- Henry Rollins on the Grammys and Chumbawamba blasting from frat houses, what a decade!!!  Dovetailed at either end by a Bush as well as a hit or two in the middle by Bush (the band!). The 1990's ushered in the modern American culture wars -- the left armed with the Scum Manifesto and the right playing duck duck goose with the Book of Revelations

But somewhere in the middle, during a serious hackey sack break, the stoned out slacker crowd crowded around one book.....Where's Waldo became a huge hit in the early 90's. The object of said work was "find the nerd in a cluster of people, places and things." Maybe it was a poetic statement on being lost in the modern world. Maybe it was just difficult. Anyhow, nothing quite says pre-internet boom 90's to me quite like the Waldo book franchise. Supposedly movie studios are still kicking around a Where's Waldo movie idea. With Toad the Wet Sprocket touring, $2500 copies of Nirvana 7"s and a Democrat in the White House again, someone should really capitalize on the "90's are cool again" feelings before it's all over.  Here's a gallery of images that hark back to the Waldo finding of yesteryear...

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