Vinyl Fetish

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black sabbath s/t original recordings label  Larry Taylor made moog cozy records label Carol Hensel dancercize vintage record co. label M.C. Hammer cold go m.c. hammer bustin' records label
Peter Jaques Band goodymusic record labelBill Wyman Digital Dreams ripple records labelmomoe yamaguchi mobius's game record label
hermanos prado  mas hits nortenos arriba records labelwillie and the poor boys passport records ripple labelthe woodentops hypno-beat upside record label

This round, instead of being images off of LP covers, our LP-ables are image directly relating to LP's themselves. Needles, headshells, cartridges, Victrollas and vinyl records. I've even included images of records as spaceships, spiderwebs and dancefloors.

The Chameleons what does anything mean? basically statik record labelPaul Dianno's Battlezone fighting back shatter records labelDamned Machine Gun Etiquette chiswick record label
Los Hispanos de padrinos sonolux record label radio hits record labelMary O'Dowd at the close of an Irish day rego record label Stepping Stones record label

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