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 Jamoeblog Top Ten: 11:04:08

1) Azeem "Going Dumb vs. Going To Brazil" (Oaklyn)

2) Paris "Get Fired Up" (Guerrilla Funk)

3) East Coast Avengers "The Day That Hope Died" (Brick Records)

4) The Mighty Underdogs "Warwalk" (Definitive Jux)

5) Jurassic 5 "Gotta Understand (Bean One Remix)" (BOMB Hip-Hop)  

6) Dirt Nasty "1980" (BOMB Hip-Hop)

7) Madlib feat Prince Po "The Thang Thang" (Rapster)

8) Blueprint "Sacred" (Rhymesayers)

9) Hu$tle Simmons "Over and Out (feat. Buff 1)" (Break Bread Projects)

10) NaS "Black President" (Def Jam)

The number one entry on this week's Jameoblog Top Ten (a subjective, song oriented chart) is the funky and funny "Going Dumb vs. Going To Brazil" by Azeem off the always edgy Oakland emcee's recommended brand new album Air Cartoons on Oaklyn Records (cover by Ezra Li Eismont -- scroll down to see his Oaklyn speed painting video). On one level the song "Going Dumb..." is an ode to "the town" (Oakland) but on another it caps on the short-sighted shallowness of many fellow dwellers of Azeem's in this East Bay city where hyphy culture still rules. In the Anas Cannon produced song, Azeem pokes fun at "that dude that ghost-rided and ran over himself" as well as those who just "wanna swerve thru the town high on pills." Meanwhile, the artist's idea of real fun is heading south to the beaches of Brazil and not acting "dumb." The fourteen track album features lots of great producers complimenting the former Spearhead member's lyrical flow, including DJ Zeph, DNAE Beats, Meat Beat Manifesto, DJ Spin, DJ Aneurysm, Mark Pistel, and Kontroversy 396. And scratch fans will be happy to hear both DJ Quest and Z-Trip add some sick cuts on a few album tracks.
East Coast Avengers
The number three entry is the incendiary "The Day Hope Died" from the thought-provoking, ever confrontational East Coast Avengers (ECA) whose recent single/video "Kill Bill O'Reilly" caused some controversy with its over the top lyrics that suggest murdering the notorious FOX News host. In fact, it was so extreme in its lyrics that even longtime BIll O foe Keith Olbermann of MSNBC condemned the song (scroll down to see video clip below). Boston's ECA, who cite Public Enemy, Paris, and the Dead Kennedys among their influences, is the trio of Esoteric (of 7L & Esoteric, The Army of the Pharoahs), trademarc and DC the Midi Alien. They recently dropped the album Prison Planet, on which they lash out at numerous deserved political and media targets.

Meanwhile, the brand new sure-to-shock many song "The Day That Hope Died" is so new that it isn't on this new album that was released only four weeks ago. In fact, it is so new it even has a reference to Joe the Plumber, as it was only written and recorded less than two weeks ago. In this engaging track, which samples real news soundbites of the arrest of the individuals recently suspected of trying to put a hit on Barack Obama, Boston's ECA project ahead to this week, in which they visualize Obama winning the election but then, in his moment of glory, some crazed assassins shoot and kill him him in a dramatic JFK-like scenario, vividly portrayed via ECA's lyrics, right down to Michelle Obama's reaction. While some might consider it offensive and in very poor taste to even hint at such a horror, I think it is an amazingly powerful song that demands repeated listens, even if it is upsetting in nature. For more info on East Coast Avengers click here.

It's the Return of the Bomb! San Franciscan Dave Paul's BOMB Hip-Hop label is back with two great new releases, both compilations and featuring tracks on this week's chart. Jurassic 5's Bean One remix of "Gotta Understand" (with the memorable put-down line: "I ain't hatin. I just heard better") is culled from the recommended Iller Sessions compilation which is a joint production of the Iller clothing company and the long running SF based BOMB Hip-Hop label, best known for its pioneering 1990's Return of the DJ Compilation series. The other new compilation from the label is the all Bay Area Bomb Hip Hop Compilation Vol. 2 which features such artists as Million Bucks (Conceit & Boac), Celsius7, Rec-League All-Stars, Eddie K, V.E.R.A. Clique, Kalri$$ian, Grip Grand, Foreign Legion, Bash Bros. feat. DJ Icewater, Hiright, Gas Mask Colony, The Shotgun Wedding Quintet, The Instant Messenger, and Dirt Nasty. Although "1980" by Dirt Nasty has been out for about a year already, it is such a great song that it doesn't matter. The video of "1980" is below, featuring Cisco Adler, Shwayze, DJ AM, and Evidence. The video (warning, has several expletives) is so popular that it has gotten about a million and a quarter YouTube hits to date. Note that Dirt Nasty is actor Simon Rex (Scary Movie 3 &4), who was born in the Bay Area but lives in Hollywood.

Oaklyn artist Ezra paints as Azeem raps

                                                                     DIRT NASTY "1980"

                               Keith Olbermann on MSNBC comments on East Coast Avengers

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