Mic Placement

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le monde musical de baden powell lp coverTommy Collins sings country songs lp coverCarl Perkins original golden hits lp cover
Finis Henderson Lp coverJayne County Rock n roll ressurection lp coverleo sayer thunder in my heart lp cover
frank sinatra holding microphonevico heute album coverdavid clayton thomas lp cover
unforgettable moon mullican plays and sings his greatest hits lp coverjimmie davis greatest hits volume one lp coverlive at the shara/tahoe ray conniff's concert in stereo lp cover

As in a recording session, proper microphone placement is essential when directing a photo shoot.  I present to you all an excellent batch of mic-centric covers, included are a couple of well drawn interpretations of the artist with microphone motif.  Also, a solo microphone piece to round things out...

leo sayer thunder in my heart rear lp coverroger daltrey one of the boys lp cover the who
gwen mccrae rockin' chair lp cover donovan universal soldier lp coverlazlo salazar y su grupa el tren lp cover
pablo milanes aniversario lp coverEd Gilmore Learn Sqaure Dancing lp coverSanit Tropez Bell De Jour lp cover
Rev. Cleophus Robinson He'll Open Doors lp coverFrank Sinatra Strangers in the Night lp coverstanley brothers on the air lp cover


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