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I am now even more obsessed with Antony & the Johnsons. After their amazing show last week it is really all I can think about it. I was completely blown away by the show. It was tragic and sad and beautiful and wonderful all at the same time. This was also my first trip to the Disney Concert Hall. What a perfect place to see him play. I seriously just wanted to stay there all night. I kind of want to live there permanently. We did sort of feel like tourists walking around the venue and looking around at everything, sort of like how tourists do when they first visit New York City and can't stop looking up at the skyscrapers. He ended up playing a bunch of new songs that were not from the recently released EP. I don't think I even noticed any of the songs from the EP that night. The new songs sounded fantastic and I am now even more excited for the new album next year. There were of course songs that I wanted to hear that he did not play, but he did manage to play some of my favorites, including his cover of "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce. It was a fun crowd to be around as well -- many celebrities were in the crowd that night. I was sitting next to a certain reality star of the show Work Out. Totally random. It just made me happy that he was a fan. Everyone was just in awe of Antony that night. It will be hard to compare other shows to this night. It was really that good.

Not a whole lot out this week. Christmas is around the corner, but once again the labels don't seem to have a whole lot to offer us. There is one new album that I have become a bit obsessed with. For some reason it took me over 10 years to finally discover Windy & Carl. I have long been a fan of the label Kranky. This new album Songs for the Broken Hearted will be their fourth on Kranky. Before this were Depths (98), Conciousness (01), and The Dream House (2005). They have also had about 6 or 7 other albums in between those Kranky albums over the years, in addition to a 3CD compilation in 2002 called Introspection. I have heard of them but never really gave them a listen until now. I was just waiting for somebody to tell me to listen to them, but it never happened. I thought they were a little too new age for me or maybe a little too experimental, but I really didn't know for sure. I gave this new album a listen and fell in love after the second listen. They almost sort of hide their greatness within the album. You may not find it right away. The casual listener could easily dismiss the album as another album of ambient droney shoegaze, but you just sort of have to open your mind a bit and let the album sort of take over. There are brilliant short little songs with vocals hidden between the rest of the album, which is mostly ambient sort of guitar pieces. The album is also very full of emotion. Depending on what kind of mood you are in, it could either drive you to tears or make you feel happy and content. This is another sort of album that I think of as musical therapy.

They could easily play this album at self help groups. Or just play it for people having panic attacks. It will quickly calm you down. It might make you introspective about your life but in a theraputic sort of way. Windy & Carl have been around since the early 90s. I am happy that I finally found them. The album could have easily passed me by just as their previous albums have, and I am sure many people will also continue to live their lives without ever listening to this new album. The album is all guitars and keyboards, and Windy does all the singing.

In case you were wondering, Windy & Carl are Carl Hultgren and Windy Weber. They are a married couple from the beautiful state of Michigan. They also run a record store in Dearborn, Michigan called Stormy Records. I have yet to go back and listen to some of their older albums, but I will be making that journey fairly soon. I am still a bit obsessed with this new album. The point I really fell in love were tracks 3 and 4 on the album when the vocals start. The third song is "My Love." The whole album is about love and all the good things and heartbreaking things about it. Everyone has surely experienced a broken heart at some point. This album is also one of those albums that you can turn into any kind of album you want, it just depends what you are feeling when you listen to it. It is sort of like the Cocteau Twins in that way. I have no idea what Elizabeth Fraser is singing about but it doesn't really matter. The songs just take on different meanings and feelings for each listener. You fall in love with the music or you hate it, and it just takes on its own meaning. That is why I call it musical therapy. I guess all good music affects you in some strong way. That is why we fall in love with certain albums or songs: because of how they make us feel. I am most definitely in love with this album right now. I can't get enough of it. The album is over 70 minutes long, but it always seems to go by too quickly. I am now going back to listen to my Windy & Carl album again...

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