San Francisco LoveFest Parade 2008

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        SF LoveFest Parade Oct 4th 2008     

Despite the dismal Bay Area weather forecast for this weekend that called for heavy rain from late night Friday well into most of today (Saturday, October 4th), meaning it was to literally rain on the parade -- the big annual San Francisco LoveFest Parade -- the weather turned out to be just perfect today. Sunshine,  blue skies, and temps in the upper 60's, the perfect weather to accompany all the loud lovely bass-driven music from the parade of electronic music DJ floats going down Market to Civic Center for the all day outdoor dance party. Even before noon, and outside SF, for many the party had already begun this morning en route to the event. On the Pittsburg/Bay Point BART I took into SF, each car on the whole train was like a loud, happy, smoke-filled party and very unlike the BART I am used to commuting on. Even though it still was only morning time, it was 4:20 on BART.

It may not draw a million plus revelers like Berlin's legendary Love Parade (whose website estimates that mega outdoor dance party "peaked in 1999 with one and half million ravers") that it models itself after, but the SF LoveFest Parade, now in year four, is a hell of a San Francisco event -- especially when the weather is as perfect as today. Starting close to its scheduled kick off time of noon today at 2nd & Market and booming its way down Market to Civic Center by a bit before 2PM, the parade, which drew tens of thousands along its route, had a great vibe and was less strictly policed as some other Market St. parades. Without any barriers, it was easy for party people to jump into the street and follow the beat booming from the various floats, and that's what many happy dancing people did. Organizers predict about 60 or 70 thousand overall for the entire LoveFest event this year.


Floats included Temple of Boom, Bay Area Drum'N Bass (BADNB), Clubberz Cure, Tantra Psytrance Love, Reelmobile, and Pink's Mammoth of Love. Some of the mobile floats featured different entities joining forces like the Spundae/Skills/Ruby Skye/Ultra Records float and the                Stompy/Tweekin Records/Green Gorilla Lounge float. All provided a non-stop musical parade of a rich variety of electronic dance music from deep house and trance to hard techno and hard breakbeats. 

When the floats and their DJs all wound up at the big SF Civic Center area around 2PM-ish, they parked and continued booming the sounds for the all day party til the big event ends at 8PM tonight and where a nominal $10 donation is requested. 

After dark tonight the party continues at clubs and spaces all over San Francisco and ends tomorrow (Sunday Oct 5th) fittingly at the End Up, starting at 6AM and going on with too many DJs to mention, bringing the party to its official close. If you are reading this now and you are in SF or the Bay git your ass over to Civic Center before 8PM for the rare chance to dance to some incredible music on a lovely October San Francisco day. More details at SF










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