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In case you haven't already heard this, Saturday night at Blake's in Berkeley Amoeba Music is throwing a very special Midnight Sale and Preview Party for the brand new Guitar Hero World Tour game whose official release date is Sunday (Oct 26th). This brand new Guitar Hero (for Wii, PS3, and Xbox360) will be sold at Blakes by itself as well as along with the bundle pack, according to Amoeba's Tarin Muir. 

From all reports, this anticipated new Guitar Hero is sure to be a big hit, especially for the upcoming holidays. Guitar Hero World Tour comes complete with new wireless six-piece drum set with fan-like cymbals, a slap-strum pad on its 25% larger sunburst guitar, an impressive 86 master recording track list, plus lots of new features such as Wii Freestyle (scroll down to video below poster to learn more about this Wii-only mode).

The no-admission Amoeba Guitar Hero World Tour Midnight Sale & Preview Party at Blake's on Telegraph Ave starts at 10PM Saturday night, October 25th. Note that even though the party is a 21+ event, there will be window sales for anyone underage to pick up the game. 

Inside Blakes there will be three areas set up for demoing the game, one for each console. And in addition to lots of drink specials there will, of course, be lots of great music c/o DJ Vinnie Esparza.

Right now you can pre-order Guitar Hero World Tour via or pick it up on Saturday at Blakes or nab it the following morning (Sunday the 26th) after 11AM at one of the Amoeba stores. Note when you order online you will also receive a bonus free Amoeba Music t-shirt.


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