The Employee Interview XX: Michelle

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2 years employment
Floor Gal

Miss Ess: I know you are quite the artist. Whose music ins
pires your visual art? What do you like to listen to while you draw/paint?

Michelle: I have to listen to music when I draw or paint or am making something. What works best for me at the moment is drone-y, abstract, experimental sounds/different noises. I'm really into Philip Jeck's Surf album this week for sure. 
ME: What song describes your life perfectly right now?

Michelle: [What] describes my life perfectly right now is Reverend Al Green! Wooo hoooo! Of course! I'm in love and Al Green pops up wherever I go. One time we went to our favorite breakfast diner and they played Al Green songs the whole time we were there. Fancy beer plus fancy chocolate plus fancy Al Green equals good quality couple time.
ME: How did you arrive at Amoeba?

Michelle: When I graduated and got my bachelor of fine arts I quit my job at Borders that I'd [had] for my whole 5 years of college; [I was] in charge of the music department. 

Then, I applied to both the Berkeley and Haight [Street] Amoebas; I love music, it fit my schedule, and [there are] creative people all over the place. [That] is what led me to the store. I'd cut high school just to go to shop at Amoeba; I always admired the people working there too.
I wanted to work at the Haight [Street] store but Berkeley hired me first. I was there for about half a year and transferred over to the Haight [Street] store and here I am now.
ME: What was it like to meet Mick Jones when he came in the store?

Michelle: Mick Jones! Oh my gosh, dream come true. I thought I was really going to faint. My whole day was in slow motion, my heart was in shock. I cried in front of him. I'm not even a star struck kind of person. I got to take a picture with him and I was a freaking stiff nerd. My co worker said I was shaking when he was talking to me. If I hadn't worked here I would have never gotten to meet him. The Clash is thee band that led me to appreciate and explore music.
ME: What women in music do you think are really pushing the envelope?

Michelle: Can't really think of any at the moment. Oh, I know. I'll always like Cat Power; now that girl is real. I guess being real is pushing the envelope nowadays.

ME: That's kind of true, yeah. Sad, but true. What song/album do you think captures the feeling of being in love the best?

Michelle: The ultimate [sound] of feeling in love... Al Green, of course, but I already mentioned him. Who else: The Beatles. You know you're in true love when listening to the Beatles carries a good part in your relationship. And duh, "Meeeshelle my belle"... That song was made for me.
I like that new T.I. song. It's cute & tough-- the one that goes kinda like "you can have whatever you liiiiiiiike" ["Whatever You Like"]. I'll probably hate it in a month though.

ME: What song makes you cry?
Michelle: Sigur Ros songs off the ågætis byrjun album. 

ME: What song is going to get you out on the dance floor immediately?
Michelle: Ummm, first a couple of drinks in my tummy and then some good 60s soul. I bump into some co- workers I rarely talk to at 60s soul nights once in a while and boogie down with them on the dance floor almost all through the nite. Seeee-- music does make the world go round.

Oh yeah, '80s stuff is always fun to dance to.

ME: How has your sister influenced your listening habits?
Michelle: I have two sisters. I'm the middle one. I'm the only one who really bothers with music stuff. It just happened that way. Blacksheep? No. Sweet sheep? Yes.

ME: What's your pick for best release of 2008 so far?

Michelle: Spiritualized - Songs in A & E, Sigur Ros - Með Suð Í Eyrum Við Spilum Endalaust.

ME What is the most enjoyable part about working at Amoeba?

Michelle: [That it's] not stressful. [The] flexibility.

ME: What has been your best find at Amoeba?

Michelle: Tony Dryer. Geez, he's the one that finally made me understand what all those darn love songs are about. Never really listened to the words. I get it now. Who knew?...Yes, I'm a cornball. 

ME: It's adorable how so many employees say their significant other when I ask that question! Amoeba is a great matchmaker! Hell, it worked for me too! Thanks for your time Michelle!

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