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                                            Jameoblog Top Ten: 09:15:08

1) Josh Martinez "All Rapped Out" (Camobear Records)

2) Paris "Acid Reflex (feat. Chuck D)" (Guerrilla Funk)

3) Nightmares On Wax "Da Feelin" (Warp)

4) dan le sac Vs. Scroobius pip "Fixed"(Strange Famous)

5) The High Decibels "That Dude" (Rolling Jack Records)

6) Stacy Epps "The Awakening"(JapanNubianMusik)

7) DJ Muggs & Planet Asia "Triple Threat (feat. GZA & Chance Infinite)" (Gold Dust/K7)

8) J-Live "ooweee" (BBE)

9) Large Pro "Rockin Hip-Hop" (Gold Dust)

10) ESH The Monolith "Son Spots" (Labeless Illtelligence)

In the number one slot of this week's Jameoeblog Top Ten (a subjective, song based chart) is talented and funny Vancouver, BC (by way of Portland, OR which he lately calls as his home base) rapper Josh Martinez. josh martinez"All Rapped Out" is the opening song off his great fifth album, which hits Amoeba tomorrow, The World's Famous Sex Buffet on his own Camobear record label. The prolific artist has been churning out releases for the past decade, even finding time to form two bands along the way: the Pissed Off Wild and the Chicharones.

The World's Famous Sex Buffet displays both Martinez' sense of humor and his love of hip-hop. He cleverly channels lots of old school gems throughout, like on "Going Back To Hali;" at the beginning of the track there is a spot on LL Cool J "Going Back to Cali" homage. Throughout The World's Famous Sex Buffet Martinez is joined by several talented artists including Devin the Dude, Moka Only, Skratch Bastid, Classified and Mother Mother. Below is Josh Martinez' video for the song "FIght or F**k" off the new album.

barack obama, reverand wright
Number two is the title track off of Paris' new album Acid Reflex, which features Public Enemy's Chuck D in his latest collaboration with Paris and his label Guerilla Funk. The highly recommended new album came out last week and just gets better with each listen; unlike so many other hip-hoppers today who appear to be falling over themselves to either name-check Barack Obama, dedicate entire songs to him or alternately sample Obama speeches as an endorsement of the presidential hopeful, Paris "the Black Panther of rap" is far more radical in his politics.

Instead of sampling Obama speeches, he dedicates an entire track ("The Violence of the Lambs") to sampling Obama's former pastor Rev. Jeremiah Alvesta Wright, Jr. in one of his famous radical speeches that frankly tell it like it is when it comes to America's hypocritical foreign policy. Middle America may not be ready for the truth but Paris is always ready to deliver it, regardless of the consequences and for that the man deserves the utmost respect even if you don't always agree with him.

While the new Nightmares On Wax album Thought So... on Warp takes a bit longer to get into than its predecessors, it has some amazing songs such as the funky breaks driven "Da Feelin" or the richly reggae flavored "195 lbs." Another UK act on this week's chart is dan le sac Vs. Scroobius Pip, with their hip-hop song "Fixed" off their very recently released debut album Angles, which in the US appears on Sage Francis' label Strange Famous. The duo are also about to launch their first full US tour when their sets will include their best known song to date "Thou Shalt Always Kill." 

I talked on the phone with Scroobius Pip recently and asked him about that song (the group's first recording and their first major hit) and in particular about the line in the song that preaches to people not to walk out in the middle of someone else's spoken word performance during an open mic poetry night. Knowing that Pip himself started out in poetry slams, did he draw his ire from that?

Yes he said, adding, "That [walking out] makes the whole process pointless cos if they're just there to do their bit, then they're not there to listen to anyone else. So there is no point in getting up and doing your bit.....It's pointless. You might as well stay at home and do it."

Another chart entry artist with a poetry/slam background is Duke from new Oakland group The High Decibels, whose song "That Dude" off the group's debut HD on Rolling Jack Records has a High Decibelsjust completed video -- showcased on this Amoeblog last week. About eight years ago when he was a student at Skyline High in Oakland, he was onstage at a Showtime at the Apollo type showcase called Showtime at the Line at the large (6000 seater) auditorium when he was humiliated -- booed off stage -- something he mentions in the new album song "Bossman Blues."

It was at that exact moment, the artist told me recently, that he decided to not feel defeated, but rather focus on improving his rhyme skills via doing slam poetry. He dedicated himself to the local slam poetry scene, and it was at a slam finals at the Starry Plough about a year ago when he met producer/guitariist and owner of Rolling Jack Records KC Booker, who would invite him to join the then still forming High Decibels band.

Another great chart entry this week is from underground emcee ESH The Monolith off his album of an Eccentric Super Hero on his own indie label Labeless Illtelligence. He is one talented emcee/producer/DJ. To learn more, check out the Providence, Rhode Island artist's MySpace.

Others on this Top Ten include master wordsmith J-Live off his album Then What Happened?, Atlanta singer/rapper Stacy Epps with the title track off her cool debut The Awakening, DJ Muggs & Planet Asia with the track that features GZA and Chance Infinite, "Triple Threat," off of the new album Pain Language, and the highly recommended new Large Pro album Main Source on Gold Dust Media (in Amoeba tomorrow). It is the first album in six years from the famous emcee/producer, best known as a founding member of legendary hip-hop group Main Source.

And unlike so many old school hip-hop heads who make a comeback or are still around, Large Pro (aka Large Professor) doesn't sound tired or like he is recycling old shit. Instead he advances the genre with this great new album. Check out the interview with the artist below to get a flavor of the new album.

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