An Amoeba with a blog?

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The punchline includes the phrase " amoeba with a blog?" Seinfeld, or "Jer" as I call him, is a loyal reader of the Amoeba Blog.  ...and since I know he's among the dozens of loyal fans out there I just wanted to say "Thanks, B."

And now, if I may, I'll scratch your back, Mr. S...

Jerome Allen (as he used to be known) was born in Massapequa, a hamlet which was also home to Steve Guttenberg, the Baldwin Brothers, Neil Diamond and Twisted Sister's Dee Snider.

His big break came on the television series, Benson, as a mail delivery boy.

Throughout the '80s he appeared on late night chat shows peddling his humorous observations that invariably began with the question, "What is the deal with..." Allow me to have a go... "What is the deal with sporks? Are they spoons or forks? And what's the deal with skorts?" Guaranteed to bring the house down!

He became known for his influential sartorial sense as much as his humor. Frequently he would wear a billowing denim longsleeve with jeans, a suit jacket and high-top sneakers --a look which says, "I mean business, but I'm a kid at heart!" His hair, swept back and bushy, was de riguer for comics of the '80s, from Richard Lewis to the aforementioned Guttenberg and loads of others.

In 1984, he landed a part in the comedy The Ratings Game (available exclusively on VHS).

He's starred in many commercials since. In an American Express ad, he appeared alongside his hero, a cartoon Superman leading to the pair being interviewed by Matt Lauer on the hard-hitting news program, the Today show in a segment which expertly mixed news and advertising into a comedic stew the Soup Nazi would be proud of.

He also appeared in one of Apple's grammatically-confusing "Think different" ad series which had hitherto fore focused exclusively on figures who silenced by death, would prove incapably of protesting the use of their memory to fatten the pockets of Steve Jobs

Jerry Seinfeld most recently lent his dulcet tones to Bee Movie which sold just under ten copies at our Hollywood location. Above is a priceless interview on Ireland's Late Late  Show with Patrick Kenny in which Seinfeld (or Seinfield) promotes the latest cartoon from Dreakworks.

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