Today's Holidays (23 August, 2008)

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Catholicism - Santa Rosa de Lima & Saint Philip Benitius' Feast Days.

Santa Rosa is the patron saint of the Peruvian Police Force and of people ridiculed for their piety. Phil B. was a Florentine who raised a couple of kids from the dead, exorcised a demon and smote some blasphemers. Don't ridicule!

            Hannibal Rising

Lithuania - Black Ribbon Day

A Day of Mourning in Lithuania, marking the Nazis' and Soviet's "political rearrangements" wherein they decided how to divide up Eastern Europe.


Rome - Vulcanalia

Vulcanalia is celebrated by sacrificing a red bull-calf and a red-boar to encourage Vulcan to keep the destructive power of fire in check. Maybe drink a red bull and pray that Griffith Park doesn't go up in flames this year.

Tertium non datur. Dir: Lician Pintilie
Romania - Liberation Day

Celebrated to mark the end of the Nazi occupation and the beginning of the Soviet one.

swaziland without the king

Swaziland - Umhlanga Day

The day begins harmlessly enough. Young women gather reeds together in order to protect the windbreak at the Queen Mothers house. Then, boys impregnate their mothers to please the gods. Don't worry, the incest baby is murdered and eaten by his parents/sibling and dance around with the mother's breast milk in their mouths --but that's a later holiday. Today's just the incest part.

Ukraine - Flag Day

Ukranians spend today worshiping their flag, which is of the same colors as my Little League Soccer Team (Blue Thunder) as well as my elementary school (Rock Bridge Rockets). It was designed in 1918.

National Gotopless Protest Day
Advocates of topfree equality mark this day by protesters whose aim is to achieve the same rights for women as enjoyed by men, who're allowed to go topless where women who do the same are criminalized and humiliated by our local Taliban.

International Day for the Remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition

Specifically the transatlantic slave trade. Celebrated today because it's the anniversary of a 1791 Dominican uprising that set in motion events which ultimately brought the downfall of that particular slave trade.

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