Pt. 2 Bad Boys At Nite

Posted by Mr. Chadwick, July 29, 2008 10:25pm | Post a Comment
twisted sister under the blade lp coverBurning Sensations Belly of the Whale Lp coverCinderella Night Songs Lp cover
Girls Wasted Youth LP coverAlibi Friends LP coverGirls Wasted Youth Album cover
Hollywood Stars Lp cover Kim FowleyLegs Diamond Out On Bail Lp coverPlayer Danger Zone Lp cover
Boys don't cry Lp cover I Wanna Be A CowboySex Tiger bad boys of rock and roll lp coverThunder Backstreet Symphony LP cover Thunder Backstreet Symphony Album cover Witnesses Scene of the Crime LP cover

I wonder if photographers had to have a special section in their portfolios back in the 80's for these alley shots. Why the hell were "tough" guys always pictured hanging around alleys and dumpsters ??

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