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It is exactly 8 days to 8-8-8 (aka August 8th, 2008), when many noteworthy events are scheduled to take place, including, of course, the kick off of the Olympics in Beijing and such lesser publicized events as World Hoop Day. 8-8-8 is also the date for the Boredoms' 88BoaDrum show.

This free large scale drumming concert, which takes place in LA.'s Hancock Park, is scheduled to start at exactly 8:08PM next Friday (August 8th). The show is a sequel to last July 7th's 77BoaDrum celebration in Brooklyn, NY. As you probably already know from reading this website, the event will feature a total of 88 drummers performing for 88 minutes. As you also most likely know if you are an Amoeba fan, two weeks ago the Hollywood store gave away a chunk of tickets for this big, free (but so in demand that the free tix became a premium) event. Check out the blog I did on last year's 77BoaDrum.

Another music-related event scheduled for 8-8-8 at exactly 8 o'clock is when Genesis P-Orridge of Psychic TV has announced that he/she will have the final surgery in the ongoing series of gender reassignment operations in the unique Pandrogeny Project (a love story of gender reunion), that he/she and his/her late partner/collaborator Lady Jaye, who tragically died suddenly late last year, were going through together -- essentially a process whereby they were attempting to become one and the same person, or as close to it as physically/mentally possible.

In a statement released this week, Genesis announced that, "On 8th of 8th 2008 at 8am we go for new surgical proceedure [sic] to make my body and face as near Jaye as possible related to Oct 9th when s/he dropped her body for us. Also we are getting a breast reduction." Note that although this statement was only recently issued, Genesis is referring to Jaye in the present tense.

In the statement Genesis continues,  "Dr Daniel Baker will carry out this proceedure [sic] which will be the last surgical intervention of  the Pandrogeny project. Freezing our body(s) in time at the mortality intersection.  ......Kari Krome (formerly of the Runaways will be my surrogate nurse on behalf of Lady Jaye during my recovery, assisted by Caleigh Something Human of the One True Topi Tribe)."  

Coincidentally, Psychic TV, aka PTV3, are soon to releasing a new CD/DVD package in October titled MR ALIEN BRAIN versus THEE SKINWALKERS. Dedicated to Lady Jaye, the release will include two new tracks by Lady Jaye as well as a guest spot by Gibby Hayes of the Butthole Surfers.The CD portion of the new package will feature five songs recorded for NPR's World Cafe ("No Good Trying," "Foggy Notion," "Trussed," "Pickles & Jam" and "Papal Breakdance") and subsequently remixed for release, as well as "I Am Making A Mirror" sung by Jackie (previously only available as a bonus track on the vinyl version of  PTV3's Hell Is Invisible...) and a twenty minute piece recorded without overdub.

Meanwhile, the DVD will be a 20 minute short directed by French filmmaker Marie Losier, who is currently making the feature length documentary The Ballad of Genesis P-Orridge and Lady Jaye.
For more insights on the pandrogeny process, read Our Practice in Art by Breyer P-Orridge.

And in more Genesis P-Orridge news, my man Brian Turner (WFMU) reports that "Gen is very much back in the public eye, onstage trying to calm down Webster Hall kids the other night at the Butthole Surfers' near-riot after security dragged Gibby away for assaulting the side monitor guy. He/she got thrown off the stage too."

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