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It is now officially the week of Coldplay. I knew the album would be huge but it has seriously done better than anybody's expectations, and the week is not even over yet. It will for sure be the Sex & the City of the summer. Everyone is expecting it to do well, but this is just craziness. I think it might end up being the biggest debut at Amoeba ever. However, the most exciting release of the week for me would have to be the new Joy Division Documentary. Control really left me wanting more Joy Division in my life, and now I can finally have it.

There has not really been a good Joy Division documentary yet-- a least not one that I have seen-- so it is nice to finally have one on DVD. I just got the DVD yesterday but I have not had a chance to watch it yet, so I can't exactly talk all that much about it, but it is "Fantastic" according to Russ Fischer from This is the quote on the back of the DVD. I really hate quotes on the packaging of DVDs. At least CDS usually have little quotes on stickers on the outside of the plastic. I know they are great marketing tools but it really ruins the artwork. I should be happy at least they put the quote on the back of the DVD. I would think that they could get a quote from somebody more well known than but I guess not. I had not really heard of, so this quote did not influence me to buy the dvd but it did make me check out their website. I might now be a fan of I had been looking for some other movie blogs to check out and I think I might have found one. C.H.U.D. stands for Cinematic Happenings Under Development. It seems to be a website/blog for comic book and sci-fi/horror nerds, but I will have to do some more investigation. I do believe them though. I bet the DVD is fantastic. It includes the documentary with all the surviving members of Joy Division and also 75 minutes of additional interviews.

While Coldplay might overshadow any other releases this week. There are actually some albums out that I have been excited about. The new Notwist comes out this week on Domino Records. It is called The Devil, You + Me. You might be surprised to know that they have been around since 1989. They became a band way back then in Germany. I first heard them when they put out Neon Golden in 2002. The album got them a bit more popular than they ever had been in America, but hopefully this new album will take them even further. They have gone through many changes since their metal roots on their first few albums. The last couple albums have been more like the Indie electronica you would find on the label Morr Music. It is pretty music that sort of seems to just float out of the speakers. It has elements of minimal electronica and elements of British indie bands.

I had to listen to the album a couple of times before it really sank into me. Because it is so mellow and pretty it is easy to not even notice that you are listening to it. You really have to pay attention. It didn't really get my attention until track 8. The song is "Boneless." The first song on the album is also really great, but I recommend that you start with track 8 and then start the record over and listen to the whole thing again. Then by the time you get to track 8 again you will love the song even more. If you don't like this song then you probably don't have to bother with the rest of the album. I have been just keeping this song on repeat. It is a perfect little song, one of those really pretty songs that gets you in your heart. It could easily make you cry. The album really is fantastic. It just needs a little of your time and attention. I really hope that people find this album. It is just one of those albums that deserves to be found. It deserves a place in your heart.

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