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I am very proud to be a part of Amoeba Hollywood's very own World Music DJ series. Worldwide Underground starts this Sunday from noon to one p.m. Every Sunday we will explore a different sound from across the world. Most of the DJ's participating make their living spinning at various hot spots around Los Angeles. Worldwide Undergound is a chance for you to check them out playing music that is near and dear to their hearts. All of us participating will attempt to cross every musical & cultural border possible.

Below is a description of the series, the DJ's biographies, as well as links to their websites and the clubs they spin at.

Amoeba’s World Music DJ Series! Beginning on June 15th, Gomez Comes Alive! brings Worldwide Underground to Amoeba Hollywood! The sounds start at noon and include everything from Afro-Beat to Turkish Psychedelia to Reggae en Espanol and beyond. Special guests and surprises galore!


Gomez Comes Alive! (Odds& Ends, Anda)
 Folkloric & Modern World Music

GOMEZ COMES ALIVE! hasn’t been spinning all that long, but he has been trying to make up for lost time. He started DJing during a promotional stint for his band in Japan, which consisted of Salsa, Cumbia, obscure 70’s Chicano funk, plus select tracks from East L.A.’s current crop of underground bands.

A musician by trade, he has played with L.A. favorites such as Beck; he was the brainchild behind hip hop, cumbia, funk-masters Slowrider; and most recently is the band leader for the local funk and groove band, Monte Carlo 76.

DJ Lady Sha

Winner of The '08 Winter Music
Conference DJ Spin Off
(First woman ever to win it, yo!)

Born in Iran and trained in turntablism while living in California's Bay Area and in LA, Shaden was exposed to a wide range of music from an early age. Spinning heated hip hop sets fused with reggae/dancehall, soul, middle eastern, and global sounds, she has moved dance floors worldwide. One of the few female DJ's rocking parties in Jamaica yearly and the first female DJ to spin live on South African radio airwaves (on her 2004 southern Africa tour), Lady Sha engraves her signature in the music and nightlife industries universally. Currently, Lady Sha innovates the nightlife experience of LA through her special events firm, LionessLA, while also touring SF/NY/Miami/Vegas and cities around the globe.

Jeremy Sole (Afro Funke, KCRW)

Chicago-born Jeremy Sole has been a DJ and record collector for over 17 years. As a teenager, his education came from throwing underground loft parties during the birth of Hip Hop and House music. He matured as a turntablist in Jazz, Dub and experimental hybrid bands. The rich Chicago history of Blues, Jazz, Disco and Funk were all part of his upbringing, and as a true music lover, Jeremy has always found a way to blend them all together.

Since then his obsession has grown to include music from around the world. As Co-Founder and resident deejay of Afro Funke', Jeremy and his partners Rocky Dawuni and Cary Sullivan produce an event that brings a diverse mix of music lovers together each week at the Zanzibar in Santa Monica. Blending Afrobeat, Funk, Reggae, Latin and Brazilian, Afro Funke' has hosted hundreds of international guest performers over the years, from Rich Medina and Cut Chemist to impromptu jam sessions with Zap Mama and Stevie Wonder. Every week is a future memory.

Recently, KCRW was looking to add a new sound to their progressive and eclectic programming, and approached Jeremy about the position. He proposed his concept for Branches ("the future of Roots music"), and now you can catch Jeremy Wednesdays from midnight-3am.


Dj Sloepoke (Sonido/Descarga)
Cumbia/Salsa/Reggae En Espanol

Sloe Poke has been deejaying since 1993, and is currently a resident selectah for weekly L.A. hotspots The Root Down, Resident Fridays and Sonido, plus the monthly salsa spot, Descarga. He’s a turntablist and an avid vinyl record collector.

He’s known for seamlessly blending classic 80’s and 90’s hip hop with funky 45’s, soulful tracks and those contagious Latin rhythms. He’s that cat that serves up fave 90’s hip hop, those rare 70’s salsa jams, that Colombian cumbia mix, movin’ merengue, that bumpin’ reggaeton and the classic roots-reggae hits…all before you even realize you’ve been around the globe in a couple hours!

DJ Drez
Indian Music

DJ/producer DJ Drez is one of the most prominent and influential DJs in the LA underground hip hop scene. Drez explores boundaries by combining yesterday's roots with the ingenuity of today's hip hop. Although Drez is primarily known as a Hip Hop DJ and producer, those who know him well have experienced his talents for jazz, soul and world music. From mix tapes to full length albums, Drez has contributed to the world of music since the early 90s.

Anthony Valadez (Vibrate/Odds&Ends)
World Music Soul & Remixes

Anthony Valadez marches to the beat of his own drum.
You won't find an ounce of conformity in the 29-year-old DJ/producer/artist/Si Blogger, who has toured the country with the likes of Res and Talib Kweli. Instead you'll find a genuine optimist who hopes to change the world--one note at a time. He has found happiness doing things his way.

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