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I really thought the new album by The Cure would be out by now. I talked about it on this blog almost a year ago back in July of last year. I was very excited back then. But I am still holding my excitement. I guess it might be even stronger since their shows are coming up at the end of the month. They are playing at the Hollywood Bowl and the Shrine in Los Angeles. I know they are also playing at a city near you, in case you don't live in Los Angeles. But the album has been delayed a bit and is now coming out September 13th. They are doing something a little special before the album comes out, maybe to make it up to their fans for making us wait so long for the album. For the next four months they are going to put out a single with a b-side every month on the 13th. This should be starting on the 13th of May, which happens to be next Tuesday. I am still not entirely sure the label is really going to be able to pull this all together in time for a domestic single, but hopefully by next week I will have a copy of the new Cure single, "The Only One" in my hand. If they are smart it will be coming out on 7" as well, since they should know that we will buy it in all formats they give us. You can hear the single on their website right now. Just in case you were wondering, this new Cure album will be their 13th album --this explains the singles coming out on the 13th. By the way, The Cure still owes us a couple more of those fantastic double CD reissues. They stopped with Kiss Me Kiss Me Kiss Me. I am still highly anticipating two of my favorite albums, Disintegration and Wish. Maybe they will happen before the new album-- there is a good four months still. That really should be enough time. So come on Robert Smith, finish what you started.

There are a couple really good albums out today as well. No Madonna or Portishead to compete with, so I think that The Last Shadow Puppets just might have a chance today. Sometimes I feel like you really have to start all over when you change the name of your band. When a lead singer decides to put out a solo album or just get a new band together and start a whole new project, they really put themselves at risk. Especially when their former band had so much press and hype behind them already. With so many releases every week, it is hard to hold on to all your former fans. It works out fantastically sometimes. It worked out great for Justin Timberlake and Gwen Stefani. It even amazingly worked out for Fergie. But it is not always as easy for an indie band singer to go solo. The first time I actually heard the Last Shadow Puppets I just thought they were another new band. I immediately loved it and quickly recognized the singer as the dude from the Arctic Monkeys. I really did like that first Arctic Monkeys album, but they sort of lost me with the second album and I sort of lost interest in the band. I didn't really imagine I would be paying much attention to them again. I guess this is just a side project for Alex Turner. The Arctic Monkeys are still a band. It is like his Sun Kil Moon. He formed this new band with Miles Kane from the band The Rascals. I already like it more than I ever even liked the Arctic Monkeys.

This debut album is called The Age of the Understatement. It is just one of those albums that I immediately fell in love with. I already know all the lyrics and can't help but to sing along with all the songs. There doesn't seem to be very many albums like this anymore. Remember when Different Class came out by Pulp? You just immediately loved it. If you were ever going to love it, I think you immediately fell in love with it. At least this is how I felt. I couldn't wait to tell everyone about the album and talk to people who already loved it. Yes, this album is really that good.Different times for music I guess.  I hope people love it as much as I do. It sort of has elements of lots of different time periods of music. It could easily fit into the music coming out of the 60s or 70s. It could be a Scott Walker or a Tom Jones album-- imagine a British 60s pop album with a full orchestra.

The songs have beautiful arrangements but also have some of the energy of the Arctic Monkeys. They sort of also remind me of some ska band like The Specials. Imagine Tom Jones singing with The Specials. The Last Shadow Puppets sits easier besides the British bands of the 60s than they do beside the Arctic Monkeys. It has that sort of full big band sound. You must simply check it out for yourself. You might fall in love with it like I have. You should fall in love with it like I have. It really is that good!

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