I Was The Only Person In Claremont Without A Master's Degree

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I had the pleasure of meeting Ron Coleman when I was nineteen. I took my band's demo to SST Records where he worked. Greg Ginn blew me off, but Ron was nice enough to sit with me and talk to me about the demo and what the band was up to. Needless to say, the band was never signed, but Ron and I remained friends. Much later I was working at Epitaph Records and Ron got a job there. We worked together for several years before he left for better future with his better half, Yvonne. I love Ron. He is a New Yorker to the core. He's honest, which most laid back Southern Cali types can't stand, and which makes me like him more. His wife Yvonne grew up in the Pomona/Claremont area, so Ron moved from L.A. to settle down in the city of master's degrees.

My girlfriend and I ran into Ron & Yvonne at the Vexing Exhibit. It had been a few years since I've seen them. After hanging out at the exhibit for a bit, we went out  for a drink at the hotel across the street which soon turned into an impromptu tour of Claremont.

Corner of Yale & Second

The infamous Rhino Claremont: Where all your college record store dreams come true!

One guy did all this. tour guides told me not to open a business here. Bad real estate for a business.

The place where one of Pomona's favorite son grew up. Do you know who that person is?

My Claremont tour guides, just before they rescued the city of Claremont from a drunk driver.

We also went to the Press Bar, but a real horrible college rock band was playing so we left. Rumor has it that Amoeba 's own Paul Vasquez plays all his disco favorites there from time to time.We were going to go to The Liquid Kitty, but the terrible name for a bar and a ten dollar cover detoured us. We ended up at another bar where all the artists from the exhibit were hanging out. We tried to sit near them to be all cool like them. They probably would have lets us if we asked.

At the end of the night we thanked our Claremont Welcoming Committee for showing us around their fine city. I wish there was a Ron and Yvonne at every city I would visit in the future. The night ended with the lovely couple trying to convince a really drunk woman to not drive home, which she was insisting that she was going to do. We had to leave our Claremont Superheroes at that moment so that they could continue to make Claremont a better place.

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