Obi 2

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: a broad sash worn especially with a Japanese kimono

OK, part 2 of our trip through Obiland begins with a Boston classic, along with its promo sticker sheet...

A trio of 80's classics. I'm sorry, but Pete Burns was always scary...

This Al Kooper Obi was used in a series of albums related to him via production and such...

My favorite Obi from this batch. Is Prince the drug!? Or does looking at him make you feel drugged??

A batch of pro proggers and their respective Obi's. The GTR LP has the flap folded into the jacket opening type variation on the classic band/sash type Obi.....

Disco does Obi, love the Fro-pickish image on the Three Degrees...

HOT Obi action below!

Of course, Kiss had some amazing Obi action.  Their early albums had artwork that mixed perfectly with the Obi, and of course Gene had the Samurai thing going on...It may seem that I'm a bit of a Kiss fan as they've appeared in a couple of blogs, but I'm not really.  It's just that they were so dead-on in the marketing department that they have many great examples of album related design works...

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