Gary Gygax R.I.P.

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Billyjam beat me to the punch, but here's my tribute to the man...

So, we visited my parents this weekend.  Went to the Auto swapmeet, the Museum of Man, the Santee Drive-in & got a small box of items from my youth.  At the bottom of the box I found this pin...Can you make out the sword, wizard hat, bat and ghost?

This item must have been made in 1982-83.  I was a 7 year old D&D nut...Anyhow I went to check my email this morning and bumped into some saddening news.  The co-creator of my long lost love had passed on.  Gary Gygax died March 4th. His heath had been ailing for quite sometime...Here's a few of my favorites from my monster manual...

Although I haven't opened the pages of any of my D&D books for at least 15 years, I was instantly transplanted to the fantastical world I knew as a little kid.  These rather simple drawings were a huge inspiration back then.  Reading some of Gary's comments about online games, I had to agree with him.  His take on the online games was that basically D&D type games left more to the imagination, therefore were more engaging. It's kind of the radio vs. TV conversations I've had with WWII generationers.

In 1983 I was a "dead king" for Halloween.  I based the idea on my favorite monster, the Lich.  I believe you needed to encase said monster in a box of lead to disable their magic.

My beaten Monster Manual and a vintage drawing of mine along with some important equations.

11:30 PM Tuesday Night....yes, we keep a giant NO! sign on our front door, it prepares us for the evil monsters  lurking just outside our door...

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