Rough Trade Creates A Counter Culture Icon Walk Of Fame

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Here is an idea that goes into the “Why didn’t I think of that?” pile:

This is from Pretty funny as well.

Nick Cave Named Rough Trade's Inaugural "Counter Culture Icon" 
2/29/2008 By Brock Thiessen

In efforts to give hipsters their very own Walk of Fame, Nick Cave will be stopping by London’s Rough Trade East shop on Monday to be sworn in as its first “Counter Culture Icon.”

Sources from shop today told Drowned in Sound that Cave and his no pussy blues would leave his “prints” at the renowned record shop, marking the first of many enlistees to participate in the fame campaign. The Bad Seed will then reportedly be “hanging out in the store,” presumably kicking against the pricks.

Thus far, Rough Trade has remained tight-lipped over the names of future Counter Culture Icons but we can make some educated guesses. Perhaps be Morrissey? No, the concrete would be too “icky.” Mark E. Smith? Well, maybe he’d leave a fresh butt.

And just in case you were curious, Hollywood’s Walk of Fame now has more than 2,000 five-pointed stars featuring the names of celebrities, human and fictional, according to Wikipedia. The first star was awarded February 9, 1960, to Mrs. Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward, star of the 1996 film Even If a Hundred Ogres...


Yeah, I get the irony, (oh, the English are soooo ironic!) but don’t you think Amoeba Hollywood should have their very own “Counter Culture Icon Walk Of Fame?” Amoeba could hit 2000 selections in one day.

I say Amoeba should have one, but with a slight twist. Amoeba Hollywood should honor Los Angeles based artists that helped keep counter culture alive, inspire other great musicians to create excellent music and helped places like Amoeba exist. In future blogs, I will make my pitch for which great Los Angeles Counter Culture Icons should go on Amoeba Hollywood list.

Here is a short list, off the top of my head:

Tom Waits
Black Flag
Los Lobos
Carol Kaye
The Minutemen
David Axelrod
Brain Wilson
Charles Mingus
The Germs
Shuggie Otis
Thee Midniters
Freestlye Fellowship
Frank Zappa

I'm sure I'm missing many, many more, but here is a start.

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