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Amoeba Music Hollywood has one highly recommended free instore performance today when producer/remixer/rapper and hip-hop legend Pete Rock graces the stage of the 6400 Sunset Blvd store at 7PM for a free show. For full details on the Mt. Vernon, NY hip-hop great, whose new joint is the appropriately titled NY's Finest -- a guest-heavy production that among others includes Wu Tang Clan's Raekwon and Masta Killa.  Check out the insightful, in-depth bio on Pete Rock (including his influential years with musical partner CL Smooth, with whom he recorded one of hip-hop's greatest songs -- the classic "T.R.O.Y." -- among others) elsewhere on the Amoeba website by clicking here

Remember tonight's Hollywood Amoeba instore starts at 7PM sharp so get there on time if you are planning on heading over.  Meantime check out the electronic press kit video of NY's Finest below.

Another new hip-hop full-length release and one that I highly recommend is Questolous by longtime San Francisco turntablist DJ Quest of the Bulletproof Scratch Hamster/Space Travelers and Live Human fame who tomorrow (April 1st) drops this, his first solo album since he dropped Questside seven years ago.  Questolous is an amazing hip-hop album, rich with scratch mastery from the pioneering Bay Area scratchmaster Quest plus his numerous guests including DJ Marz (Space Travelers), DJ Vandal, Oaty Love, Dawgshit, and DJ T-Rock, who each add either scratching or production to the sixteen track offering that also features the three Bay Area emcees Luke Sick, Bas-One, and Eddie K, each on their own tracks.  If you love hip-hop but have gotten sick of much of what passes for hip-hop in recent years, this is an album you should really like.

Wanna make money on eBay? Forget trying to sell your old copy of Saturday Night Fever for 99 cents plus S+H.  Do what two Virginia sisters recently did and auction off for $1,350 a cornflake shaped like the state of Illinois.

The buyer on this eBay deal which closed March 21st was Monty Kerr of Austin, Texas who runs a traveling museum of pop culture and Americana items.  My advice: make note of his name and be sure to email him when you have found and posted on eBay another cornflake that looks like some other state.

Speaking of the Internet, ever wonder just how much weight in terms of digital data it can carry until it    gets to a breaking point? Considering last year that YouTube alone consumed as much bandwidth as the entire Internet did in the year 2000, just how much information and traffic, especially with all these video files nowadays being posted online, can the Internet hold? 

Well according to experts in Internet traffic control, at the rate things are progressing with online activity, the Internet could outpace network capacity by 2011. And in two weeks on April 15th in Boston there will be a debate on this specific topic titled "The end of the Internet?" For more information on this important discussion, which was inspired by a widely read report from last November, click here.

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